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Trendy This Season: the Dress Printed with Floral… Style it on Buthaina Al Raisi's Way


You will absolutely discover when browsing the net that the most trendy and popular fashion for this season is the dress printed with floral: it is all over the pages of fashion bloggers and stars on social media.

The most recent star who has adopted the fashion is Buthaina Al Raisi who has opted for the printed floral dress and styled with it high heels shoes.

We on the other hand styled a close look to that of Buthaina, so we selected for you dear lady a printed dress from VS Fashion, sandals in thin high heels from Chic Shoes, a shoulder handbag from Tamaris, a silver wristwatch with mina in white color and we did not forget of course the sunglasses from Emoji.

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Silver Watch With a White Dial For Women

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Chic Shoes

Black Animal Print Leather Sandals

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