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Sporty Abaya for a Phenomenal Look during Ramadan


Have you ever thought of showing up during Ramadan Iftar wearing sporty abaya? This look will definitely be one of the most exquisite and distinguished looks ever because it is extraordinary indeed and breaks away from the classic rules for wearing abaya!

So, we selected for you today dear lady this sporty abaya in the two colors of pink and white, designed with a hat and zipper to the middle from the famous brand Nukhbaa, styled with skinny jeans from VS Fashion and sneakers in golden and white colors from Kruzin, plus the multicolored handbag from Opera. We also have styled with this look a chain from Dyrberg Kern and a wristwatch from Casio.

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A Casual Pink and White Sporty Abaya

Price ر.ع 18.59 OMR


White Resin Watch With a Pink Dial

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White and Gold Crazy Horse Lo Flat Sneakers For Women

Price ر.ع 56.54 OMR