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Best Patterned Backpacks and Sneakers for a Modern University Look

Backpacks are some of the most amazing youthful choices, especially for university girls. They actually commensurate with the casual, practical look you prefer for the mornings, and at the same time they are your best choice to include all your unive ...

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Youth, Modernity and Elegance on the Saudi National Day

Celebrate the Saudi National Day with your friends and do not miss the chance to show up in the prettiest youthful and modern look on this special day by styling the most delicate and beautiful outfits, in pace with the latest and most sophisticated ...

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For a Cheerful Look on Eid… Opt for Modern Colorful Bag Styled with Your Plain Outfits

Eid looks have their own exquisite specifications that turn them into, elegant, majestic and distinctive ones with the cheerful atmospheres of Eid. And just as much as it is essential that you choose exquisite outfits for Eid, you must also opt fo ...

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The Prettiest Hair Care Bags to Present Eid Gifts to Your Friends

The indisputable fact is that Gulf women in general take a good care of their hair, and always make sure to use the best natural remedies. On Eid al-Adha however, our tip for you dear lady is to make your friends happy by presenting to them the prett ...

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One-Color Elegance for Bags and Shoes for a Classical Look

Bags, shoes or sandals are some of the most important accessories that highlight your look and turn all heads toward you. This is why we are always keen on letting you in the know about the latest lines of fashion concerning bags and shoes. Lately ho ...

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Sandals and Practical Bags for the Summer in Youth Elegance… Do Not Miss It!

Summer sandals will continue to be trendy at all times, and strongly force their dominance every summer because women cannot dispense them for their pretty looks. This summer season 2017 however, it got to our attention the emergence of upscale de ...



Choose the Appropriate Handbag for Your Daily Look from Paris Hilton

The handbag was and still enjoys unrivalled attention from international fashion houses and designers who excelled in creating its designs. So, the famous Paris Hilton brand introduced to us magnificent styles of handbags, almost like masterpieces ...

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New… Unbelievable Discounts from Sayidaty Mall so that You Shop More with Less Prices.

As it is summertime, vacations and fun trips, we are eager here on Sayidaty Mall to provide for you the prettiest fashions in fabulous designs, and in pace with the latest international lines of fashion from the most intensive shows of summer season ...



For the Summer Season: Tips to Choose the Prettiest Youthful Bags for a Look Full of Dynamic

A handbag, an essential accessory for the look of a lady and this is a known fact already for all women. But the thing that might slip your mind is that it is necessary to change the handbag regularly and choose the one suitable for the season of the ...

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The Prettiest Fashions and Accessories in Polka Dot style from Fashion Season 2018

Now that we entered into the Resorts 2018 season, Sayidaty Mall spotted especially for you "the most beautiful trends emerged on the fashion scene and received large scale welcome", which we will introduce to you following. In fact we have noticed ...



How to Choose Harmonious Colors of Bags and Shoes for a Chic Summer Look?

Accessories add a chic touch to your look, including the magnificent bags and shoes especially during the summer season where colorful, extremely amazing and elegant designs emerged on a large scale. So, our tip for you is to complete your look by op ...



Anne Klein Bags for Unparalleled Elegance during Ramadan

Every season the hunt begins for the prettiest fashions offered by famous international fashion houses so that women choose the best that suits her taste, including bags of course as they lend majestic and allure to her look, especially during the ho ...

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New Arrivals on Sayidaty Mall: Expanded Collection for Your Elegance during Ramadan

Now and always we care so much that you look elegant at all seasons dear, especially during Ramadan. So we provided for you here on Sayidaty Mall expanded collection of our own and special new arrivals of women fashions, shoes and bags to choose from ...

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Contemporary Bags and Shoes with Oriental Touches for Unparalleled Elegance during Ramadan

Every woman seeks to add a touch of oriental detail to her looks during Ramadan, so our tip for her is to opt for bags and shoes in contemporary designs and Arabic touches to lend her look an air of luxury and majestic. And because we want to spar ...

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Opt for Evening Dress and Clutch Bag Embellished with Crystals from Wafa by Wafa

Each and every woman of us care so much for our looks in the different occasions and evenings. No doubt that we are keen on choosing special and distinctive pieces to wear for such occasions, therefor we recommend that you opt for the classy clutc ...

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Sayidaty Mall Offers You Exclusive Discounts for Your Beauty and Elegance during Ramadan

We are fully aware that every one of you ladies and girls want to get ready to welcome Ramadan, a month so jammed with feasts and occasions during Iftar and Suhoor meals, and which requires that you be on top of your elegance and beauty, starting fro ...

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The Prettiest Bags of the Season Embellished with Floral Patterns for Sophisticated Elegance

Floral prints made a noticeable splash all over the spring/summer fashion 2017. Therefore, we recommend that you adopt this upscale trend for you looks this season, especially bags embellished with floral patterns so that you enjoy the look of youthf ...



Original Bags with Imaginary Prices during the Discount Week on Sayidaty Mall

We are so happy to announce to you that here on Sayidaty Mall we launched "Bags Week", where we offer especially for you dear upscale designs of bags with incredible prices. Now you can enjoy a most fabulous and complete look by owning the finest cla ...



For Young Ladies: Casual Bags for a Fabulous Daytime Elegance

Grab the chance and glow during daytime outings just like celebrities and fashionistas with the finest and enthralling casual bags. Add a soft touch of spring colors, serenity and vitality to your look by opting for the prettiest bags in beautiful, b ...



5 Trends for Clutch Bags Suitable to Style them with Evening Dresses

Discover the highlights of clutch trends and fashions for the evenings which you can adopt this season to become the crowned queen of upscale elegance. Ok! We know that each season you are wondering: What is the right bag for my evening dress? Wha ...

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A Modern Look in Jumpsuit and Crossbody Bags

Bags are not for keeping stuff and items only, but also to further boost the elegance, beauty and upscale of your look. It is indeed one of the most amazing and noticeable accessories that makes your look more classy and youthful. Today we will ...

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Gulf Elegance…Bags to Match Your Abaya with Discounts up to 30 Percent

Well: how cool is that? We are still offering you chic lady during our special "Bags' Week" amazing discounts up to 30 percent so that you show up with utmost distinctive style in all your looks wearing the latest trends of characteristic bags. We ...



The Prettiest Bags in Bright Colors for Spring/Summer Season 2017

For a charming modish look that vibes with the colorful spring tones and its lively and youthful air, we recommend that you wear the prettiest bags in bright colors. You can get such bags easily by shopping on our Mall where you can find the most ...

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Stride on the Footsteps of Fashionable Elegance with Balloon Bags and Sandals with Great Discounts

Women just love sandals in high heels: they are comfy and lend their figures sexy elegance. This is why most women strongly opt for sandals because they complete their looks. For you dear to enjoy such a modish sexy elegance, to complete your look ...

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Sayidaty Mall Offers You 30 Percent Discounts on Evening Shoes and Bags for Spring/Summer 2017

New fashion trends for shoes and bags were sweeping all over the catwalks recently, starting from delicate leathers to patterns and graphics, thus achieving a fancy blend in just one look. Enjoy the latest trends of bags and shoes for your evening ...

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The Most Chic Collection of Bags and Shoes for the Love of Your Life on Mothers Day

Ok! We know how confused you are and do not know what to do to surprise your Mom on Mother's Day. You are thinking of a special gift and hope she likes it. Therefore we made some efforts to offer you a distinctive collection of bags and shoes to have ...

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On Mothers Day… Your Comprehensive Guide for Luxury Gifts Your Mother Would Absolutely Love

We know exactly how much you are keen on choosing the right special gift for your Mom on Mother's Day, and how much you want her to look elegant on this very special day. To spare you the trouble, confusion and waste of time looking for the right ...



The Balloon Handbag for Youthful Modish Elegance in Spring 2018

The fashion season for 2017/2018 was mostly characterized with its different youthful mark, taking us back in time to years ago. We also noticed the emergence of bold, yet elegant designs that speaks modish simplicity, the spirit of the youth and uni ...

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Amazing Duos of Bags and Shoes Beyond Your Expectations

No doubt that you pay great attention when buying your bags and shoes as much as you do when buying your other fashions and outfits. In fact, shoes and bags have always been one of the most important accessories that greatly highlight your look, espe ...



The Majestic Brand Paris Hilton Joins Sayidaty Mall

Speaking of majestic and upscale instantly pops to your mind the indulgent Brabie-like young woman Paris Hilton, the singer-actress-fashion model that owns her brand for designing beautiful items for women, especially the pretty and fabulous handbags ...



Do not Miss These Latest Wonderful Designs of Watches by Christian Lacroix

As always is the case, and because we here on Sayidaty Mall seek to satisfy your desires by showing up in the hottest special look, filled with beauty and femininity, we offer you the designs of the world famous French designer, Christian Lacroix of ...



First Time Ever: Sergio Bags in KSA and UAE

The handbag is an essential piece of accessory for every woman, in addition to its basic task to contain the personal necessities and items they need: it is simply the title of elegance. This is why we find many designs, shapes and colors of handbags ...

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For University Girls … You Guide to Essentials in Your Makeup Bag

What do have in your makeup bag? This is a question we ask you dear university girl! University girls have in their bags many cosmetics, sometimes piled all together on top of the other daily necessities. To avoid this chaos, we will offer you ...

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You are a Bride: Your Look in White with 5 Eye-Catching and Chic Designs

White color is one of the elegant and distinctive colors we recommend you wear as a bride during the first few days of marriage, either in a form of abaya, embroidered jalabiya or kaftan. Any such garments or a modern dress in white will add a tou ...

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Style your clutches with your evening dresses for a luxurious look

Your evening looks have these special features unlike the other times of the day in terms of your options of the accessories; including the handbag which is considered the most important evening piece to complete you look. Away from the big and patte ...

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7 elegant accessories for you to suit your abaya

v Add Colour, Texture and Luxury with These Accessories   Why is it that in today’s modern society, people assume wearing an Abaya is a fast pass into living the ‘dowdy fashion life‘? Your Abaya is an expression of your beliefs and modesty a ...