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Fatma Husam Looks during Ramadan from Sayidaty Mall

The fashion icon and influencer Fatma Husam will accompany us during the holy month of Ramadan in abaya and Khaliji fashion looks which she has selected from Sayidaty Mall. Here you are with these 4 looks that Fatma Husam recommends for you:   ...

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Because It Lends Their Looks a Special Mark… Reasons Why Fashion Bloggers and Influencers Selected Sayidaty Mall

A number of fashion bloggers and influencers joined their forces on social media to choose their looks for Eid El-Fitr from our one and only site Sayidaty Mall. The site will introduce to you this season which was specially allocated for the holy mon ...


Tips by Fashion Blogger Aya Fasial for Stylish Ramadan Looks

During Ramadan month the invitations are numerous and therefore your need to embrace more different looks is also increased to suit the holy month. So today the fashion blogger and one of the most influencers in the world of fashion, Aya Faisal wi ...

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4 Designs of Sandals Suitable for Your Abaya from Chic Shoes

Sometimes, we as ladies get confused about styling the right shoes for the abaya, especially that every single abaya is different in terms of its design and color. But although the abaya covers most of the shoes, yet this does not eliminate the di ...

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Four Essential Steps to Enjoy a Flawless Abaya Look

Today, the abaya look has become one of the most essential looks, not for Gulf ladies only but its designs have were seen as well among those introduced by international fashion houses, and global stars are also embracing the abaya looks as well. ...



Stylish Abayas Suitable for University Girls

 Every college girl wants to get a modern delicate look that highlights her femininity and elegance, her keenness on taking care of her appearance, and on keeping pace with the latest international fashion lines yet compatible with the traditions and ...

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Show Your Solidarity with "Pink October" with the Prettiest Rosy Looks

You must know by now that October is the international month to raise awareness about breast cancer. Many stars and prominent diplomatic figures, including the First Lady of the United States, Melina Trump, have chosen to show up at the beginning of ...



Abayas in Three Impressive Colors for Ladies in White- Skin Tone from Black Swan Couture

The fact is that your skin tone plays a major role in choosing the color of your whole looks, especially when it comes to showing up in one piece look; either it was in abaya, jalabiya or in kaftan. The association between the color of your skin and ...

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Shine on the Saudi National Day with the Prettiest Modern and Youthful Styles

With the Saudi National Day will be soon upon us, girls and women are getting ready to welcome this great day with new, different, more youthful and modish looks. So we decided here on Sayidaty Mall to save you the trouble of searching for what be ...



Classy Abayas in Green Color to Celebrate the Saudi National Day

Celebrate your Saudi National Day proudly wearing the green colors of your national flag, and be exceptional in abaya in green color to lend you a special patriotic look, as well as to show up the prettiest on this occasion. Today we offer you the ...



Characteristic Black Abayas for an Impressive Look on Eid al- Adha

Regardless of the numerous colors of abayas, the black one will always remain the crowned queen on the throne of elegance for every Khaliji woman. It is indeed a modern piece that exists in nearly every wardrobe of Gulf women because it represents th ...

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Show Up in Green Shades on Saudi National Day

One of the official events greatly celebrated by all Saudis and residents the Saudi National Day where everybody races up to go out and appear wearing the green colors of the Saudi flag, even women and girls in their outfits, accessories and makeup. ...



How to Choose the Right Abaya to Perform Haj Holy Rituals?

If you want to perform the holy rituals this year and already started to get ready to perform Haj, you must be confused about preparing the right outfits for this important occasion so that you get a decent, modest and comfy look. In the following ...



For an Angelic Look Show Up in White Color on the Morning of Eid al- Adha day

For a look with an angelic breeze during the spiritual blessed coming days of Eid al –Adha, our tip for you is to opt for the color white to lend you an elegant quiet and very distinctive look, whether you are wearing abaya, embroidered jalabiya or k ...

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Here You Are with the Latest Kaftan Trends from Fall 2018 for an Exquisite Look on Eid al-Adha

Moroccan Kaftans are mostly characterized with their majestic style and classy designs, very suitable for Gulf women and they further increase their elegance on special occasions. With just few days separating us from Eid al-Adha, our tip for you ...

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Make Your Elegance on Eid al-Adha has its Special Secret with the Prettiest Jalabiyas

Shine on Eid al-Adha with the finest trends of jalabiya styles, and keep pace with the fashion this fall in utmost fascinating elegance. As you may know, jalabiya is no longer just a Gulf outfit; it became the center of attention of the most famou ...



For Gulf Women: Abayas in Beige Color to Step towards Summer

This summer season 2017 witnessed the emergence of abayas in different colors, but the prettiest of all include those that came in the soft pastel colors and the fabulous spring flowers patterns, thus making oriental abayas characterized with exquisi ...

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Just for You in Hijab Opt for Summer Abayas in Dresses Elegance for Summer Season 2017

This season summer 2017, abaya designs are mostly characterized with their unparalleled elegance, very suitable for ladies in hijab especially Gulf women; and their designs are laden with much elegance and luxury. They also featured bright soft color ...



Set All Eyes on You Wearing a Delicate Abaya Embellished with Floral

Inspired from the floral nature of spring and summer season, designers of abayas adopted the special trendy embroideries based on the beauty and charm of flowers. So our tip for you is to adopt this upscale alluring trend to enjoy a most "floral look ...

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Six Trendy Looks from the Heart of Saudi Arabia

The choices of Arab ladies for their looks vary according to their different tastes, but there is at least one thing in common: they all seek to dress up decently and modestly, yet elegantly. An Arab woman is not satisfied with wearing just abayas ...



Black Abaya, Your Elegant Modest Outfit during Ramadan

The black abaya is a contemporary modern piece every wardrobe of a Gulf woman must contain; it is actually the most splendid choice for your formal look, and the color greatly looks decent and respected. It is no wonder then that the black abaya s ...



Shine in the Prettiest, Sophisticated Monochrome Abaya Trend during Ramadan

Mixing the two colors of black and white in one style is called "Monochrome" in the world of fashion, a very trending style adored by the majority of women, and many international stars and fashionistas dress up in this same style and to enjoy a soft ...



Abayas in Quiet Pastel Shades for a Perfect Ramadan Look for Brunettes

Recently, the colorful abaya trend emerged and spread on a large scale on the fashion scene, prompting designers to compete to offer the finest colors, the prettiest designs and the most amazing embroideries. We on the other hand, recommend that b ...

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Sophisticated Looks in Casual Abayas for College Girls during Ramadan

Abaya in particular enjoys special status for every Gulf girl and woman as it lends her look modest, yet majestic air. But abayas in general differ in their designs according to the occasion and the place you are going to, therefore we have special a ...

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Our Tips for a Modish Sophisticated Look in Jalabiya during Ramadan

No doubt that every oriental woman loves jalabiya especially for Ramadan occasions. We will offer you following the prettiest jalabiyas in a sophisticated and modern style from the most intensive summer show 2017.  Just go straight to our one and ...

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For a Majestic Elegance during Ramadan, Abayas in Bright Colors from Sayidaty Mall

Finally! It is summertime, but as always it comes with its hot weathers so we recommend that you opt for the bright spring colors in fancy pastel shades as they are very suitable for your Ramadan evenings. Do not go far looking for what best suits ...

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Four Choices of Comfy Shoes for Ramadan

Ramadan month is one of the most months during which women move around very much because of the many feasts, social events and commitments they participate in, not to mention the religious rituals which require doing lots of effort, thus the need to ...

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For a Unique Elegance during Ramadan, Modern Upscale Abayas

Fashion shows for this season focused on the modern style, as famous fashion houses introduced to us the prettiest upscale fashions including modish contemporary abayas which we selected the finest from among them for you to choose what suits your Ra ...

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How to Style Your Long Earrings for Your Ramadan Look

Your unique Ramadan look, either if you are wearing abaya or embroidered jalabiya, or even kaftan, is not complete without a touch of your own jewelries. Mostly kaftans and abayas are embroidered and full of patterns, so wearing necklaces or chain ...



Wearing Hijab? This Abaya "Dress" is Your Ideal Choice for Ramadan Looks

Arab women in general, Gulfs in particular love wear abayas for their elegance and modest, decent look. However, this season 2017 designers introduced upscale designs of Gulf abayas so that you enjoy a most fabulous amazing look during the holy month ...

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Sayidaty Mall Offers You Exclusive Discounts for Your Beauty and Elegance during Ramadan

We are fully aware that every one of you ladies and girls want to get ready to welcome Ramadan, a month so jammed with feasts and occasions during Iftar and Suhoor meals, and which requires that you be on top of your elegance and beauty, starting fro ...



The Title for Gulf Elegance, Louzan for Abayas Joins Exclusively Sayidaty Mall

She is a young lady, individual and unique in her own majestic look, not similar to any other woman. She knows exactly what she wants, has great confidence in herself and appreciates modern fashions that yet compatible with ancient Arab traditions ...



The Most Dominant Trends of Fashion and Its Touches on Casual Abayas This Season

The majority of Gulf ladies and girls make sure they have casual abayas in their wardrobes because such outfits are more practical during the whole day. Aside from the plain abaya which most women wear to get a quick practical look, we here on Say ...



Video: How to Choose the Right Abaya Suitable for your Height

Every individual lady seeks to get an eye- catching successful look, especially when wearing the oriental abaya look which emerged nowadays as the prettiest of all looks, which not only Arab ladies can opt for, but also Western women as well. We a ...

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Sophisticated Gulf Abayas for Evenings from Spring/Summer Fashion Season 2017

For a noticeable look and intensive presence during your different occasions and evenings we recommend you opt for abaya from the spring/summer fashion season 2017 which came in line with the latest modish trends to set all eyes on you. You can shop ...



The Latest Abaya Fashions in the Beauty of Spring Colors

Gulf women have this special passion for abayas, and they are always in search for of what is new in this fashion in terms of colors and designs, and the trendiest designs in this world of abayas. And as we all know, upscale fashion houses offer e ...