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The Gift that Changed Marwa's Perspective to Life… Find Out What It Is!

Let me first introduce myself: My name is Marwa Sinji, 25 years old and I work in the IT field And just like the other girls I care very much for my beauty and looks on a daily basis. But without so much exaggerating, I feel terribly miserable ...

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How to Conceal Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

The skin under the eyes has no fat lying underneath and contains to oil glands. It is actually a very thin and sensitive area and when dark circles appear it is so annoying! Following you will find the most common causes for the appearance of dark ...

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Eye- Makeup in Black Color for Ladies in Hijab

Black eyes are the most beautiful eyes ever! They have always drived poets to sing for them and to their fascinating charm and beauty. So dear lady, you must absolutely know how to bring out the beauty of those eyes in a correct way. Following we ...

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To Enjoy a Delicate Makeup during Your Ramadan Evenings… Here You are with These Cosmetics

All of us impatiently wait for the holy month of Ramadan to come every year for all the goodness and blessing it brings. It is a month of family gathering around the table of Ifrar and Suhoor, in addition to its special nights where decorated tents a ...

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The Best 5 Skincare Products for a Perfect Skin from Khan Al Saboun

Now that the summer season is approaching and your skin will be exposed to the damaging sun rays which result in making it very dry, you will definitely need to take extra care of your skin to maintain its moisture and hydration and avoid the many pr ...

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6 Charming Gifts for Mother's Day… with a Budget not Exceeding SAR/AED 500

Just few days ahead and the world will be celebrating Mother's Day, and most certainly you have planned several and different plans to surprise your mother on this happy occasion. And as we know how confusing it is for you to choose a suitable gif ...

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How to Choose Skincare Creams as a Gift on Mother's Day

To fight skin aging signs, maintain a vibrating, bright look, and add a touch of beauty to the skin especially for ladies more than 50 years of age, using daily skincare creams is a must. And because we are very keen on presenting every mother on ...

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6 Makeup Tools to Define the Eyes in a Magical Style

The beauty of a woman, her allures and charm dwell in her eyes. This is why the eye makeup is the most essential basis of the whole makeup process because it defines your eyes and adds a special splendor on them. One of the best eye makeup tricks ...

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Shop Now….With Attractive Discounts And No Added Tax!

For your E-shopping there is only one unique website, that is our one and only Sayidaty Mall which offers you the best and latest collections of clothing and accessories for both men and women, plus numerous house appliances and items coming to you f ...

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Best Beauty Gifts to Celebrate the End of 2017

What is the Best Gift to Offer to Your Friend to Say Goodbye to 2017?   So many and different ideas pop up to your mind concerning the gifts and presents to offer your friends to celebrate the end of this year 2017. Yet they make you all the more ...

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For Your Dear Lady: Magical Treatments for a Healthy and Silky Hair.

Do you see the beautiful hair of stares and ads' models and want to have hair just like theirs? Healthy and shining hair indeed? Then, all you have to do is apply our tips to enjoy an amazing hair that catches all eyes! We will offer you today her ...

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How to Choose Your Perfume According to Your Skin Type

There exists a total and special harmony and consistency between the skin and the perfume. But what most women do not know is that every type of skin has its own certain perfume that greatly commensurate with it and so her body continues to smell goo ...

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Get to Know the Attractive Obagi Nu- Derm System for Anti- Aging

Undisputable Fact: every woman wants to look younger, more youthful and radiant. So Obagi recently launched the Obagi Nu-Derm®  system, a specially formulated product to fight aging signs on your skin on the cells' levels so that you can enjoy a heal ...

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Shampoo Guide for Every Type of Hair

You stand in front of shelves and shelves of shampoos at shops and drugstores, confused about this brand or that, this price or the other, and you grow more confused if you are already suffering from multiple hair problems! And there, just there you ...

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How to Choose the Appropriate Women Perfumes for Fall Season?

Many women wonder and ask if they could continue to use the same favorite perfumes of the summer through the fall season, or should they choose new perfumes suitable for the new weathers? Today, we will answer here on Sayidaty Mall this important ...

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Skincare Guaranteed in Fall Season with 5 Basic Beauty Products

Guaranteed and safe skincare is the dream of every girl and woman, especially during the fall season. Weather changes during this specific season have their obvious impact on your skin; therefore we will offer you following in this article 5 beauty p ...

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For Fall Season: Perfumes in Delicate Scents for Gulf Women

Perfumes in general express the personality of a woman, her taste and the extent of her sensitivity. The moment you choose your perfume you are actually expressing all these elements, as well as your wish to stand out from other women. So, to get ...

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The Revolutionary Advanced Generation… Laser Device to Remove Thinner Small Hair

We all know that the most thing women suffer from is those little thin hairs that are difficult to remove whatever means we used, and unfortunately most traditional methods are a failure, not to mention the damages they inflect on our skin. Today ...

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The Prettiest Hair Care Bags to Present Eid Gifts to Your Friends

The indisputable fact is that Gulf women in general take a good care of their hair, and always make sure to use the best natural remedies. On Eid al-Adha however, our tip for you dear lady is to make your friends happy by presenting to them the prett ...

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4 Products to Restore Vitality and Brightness to Your Tired Skin

Your skin is the forefront of your beauty; this is why every female makes sure that she enjoys a bright skin overwhelmed with liveliness and freshness. On Sayidaty Mall however, and because we always care for your beauty and to maintain a radiant ...

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On Eid al-Adha, Get Artificial Nails, Cheerful and Striking from Grimering

No doubt that colorful and even nails will help you get an attractive feminine look. And because sometimes natural nails may not be of much help during important occasions, we will provide you here with artificial alternatives, yet in amazing qual ...