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The Gift that Changed Marwa's Perspective to Life… Find Out What It Is!

Let me first introduce myself: My name is Marwa Sinji, 25 years old and I work in the IT field And just like the other girls I care very much for my beauty and looks on a daily basis. But without so much exaggerating, I feel terribly miserable ...

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How to Conceal Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

The skin under the eyes has no fat lying underneath and contains to oil glands. It is actually a very thin and sensitive area and when dark circles appear it is so annoying! Following you will find the most common causes for the appearance of dark ...

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Eye- Makeup in Black Color for Ladies in Hijab

Black eyes are the most beautiful eyes ever! They have always drived poets to sing for them and to their fascinating charm and beauty. So dear lady, you must absolutely know how to bring out the beauty of those eyes in a correct way. Following we ...


Fatma Husam Looks during Ramadan from Sayidaty Mall

The fashion icon and influencer Fatma Husam will accompany us during the holy month of Ramadan in abaya and Khaliji fashion looks which she has selected from Sayidaty Mall. Here you are with these 4 looks that Fatma Husam recommends for you:   ...


Shahad Shobar in 4 Ramadan Looks from Sayidaty Mall… Opt For What Best Suits You!

The famous fashion blogger Shahad Shobar has selected 4 different looks in terms of their designs and colors so that she can be a role model for every woman searching for elegance and modesty during the holy month of Ramadan. ...


Mayada Suleiman Recommends These 4 Looks for the Pregnant Woman: Be Stylish During Ramadan

This Ramadan is not like any other in the past for the fashion blogger Mayada Suleiman:  She is 9 months pregnant! And will be accompanying us in a fashion journey via 4 different looks she has selected from Sayidaty Mall to inspire other pregnant wo ...


Tamara Jamal Inspires You with 4 Ramadan Looks… Order Now!

Fashion blogger and influencer Tamara Jamal will share with us during the holy month of Ramadan 4 different looks which she selected from Sayidaty Mall to inspire you choose what best appeals to your taste. ...


Because It Lends Their Looks a Special Mark… Reasons Why Fashion Bloggers and Influencers Selected Sayidaty Mall

A number of fashion bloggers and influencers joined their forces on social media to choose their looks for Eid El-Fitr from our one and only site Sayidaty Mall. The site will introduce to you this season which was specially allocated for the holy mon ...


Tips by Fashion Blogger Aya Fasial for Stylish Ramadan Looks

During Ramadan month the invitations are numerous and therefore your need to embrace more different looks is also increased to suit the holy month. So today the fashion blogger and one of the most influencers in the world of fashion, Aya Faisal wi ...


A Special Makeup for Ramadan… The Steps as Follow

During the holy month of Ramadan, your whole look becomes different in terms of the outfits you wear which naturally tend to be more modest and decent, and in terms of your beauty looks where the makeup you apply on your face becomes more simple and ...


3 Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses complete any exquisite look, this is a fact. It is also one of the most important accessories that lends sparkle to your appearance, and boost your allure and mystery. So our tip for you is not to neglect this important accessory and to ma ...


Tips to Take Care of Your Hair You Should not Ignore with Ramadan Around the Corner

Because your hair is the crown of beauty on your head, and the reflection of your allure, you should take extra, preventive care of it because your whole diet and daily eating habits change dramatically during the holy month, not to mention your dail ...

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To Enjoy a Delicate Makeup during Your Ramadan Evenings… Here You are with These Cosmetics

All of us impatiently wait for the holy month of Ramadan to come every year for all the goodness and blessing it brings. It is a month of family gathering around the table of Ifrar and Suhoor, in addition to its special nights where decorated tents a ...



Here You Are with the Main Basics to Choose the Right Men Wristwatch for You

A timepiece is not just a luxury accessory on the wrist of a man, but one basic element of his smart looks. In addition, it is not there to tell time only, but also a piece to adorn his hand regardless of his age group. It will definitely make him lo ...

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The Best 5 Skincare Products for a Perfect Skin from Khan Al Saboun

Now that the summer season is approaching and your skin will be exposed to the damaging sun rays which result in making it very dry, you will definitely need to take extra care of your skin to maintain its moisture and hydration and avoid the many pr ...



The Latest Wristwatch Models for Men and Women in Phenomenal Prices

One of the features of elegance for both men and women is their choice of stylish wristwatches. Wearing such stylish wristwatches mean having the passion to show up very exquisite and chic by wearing one luxurious piece that adds distinctiveness to t ...

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4 Designs of Sandals Suitable for Your Abaya from Chic Shoes

Sometimes, we as ladies get confused about styling the right shoes for the abaya, especially that every single abaya is different in terms of its design and color. But although the abaya covers most of the shoes, yet this does not eliminate the di ...

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6 Charming Gifts for Mother's Day… with a Budget not Exceeding SAR/AED 500

Just few days ahead and the world will be celebrating Mother's Day, and most certainly you have planned several and different plans to surprise your mother on this happy occasion. And as we know how confusing it is for you to choose a suitable gif ...

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How to Choose Skincare Creams as a Gift on Mother's Day

To fight skin aging signs, maintain a vibrating, bright look, and add a touch of beauty to the skin especially for ladies more than 50 years of age, using daily skincare creams is a must. And because we are very keen on presenting every mother on ...

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6 Makeup Tools to Define the Eyes in a Magical Style

The beauty of a woman, her allures and charm dwell in her eyes. This is why the eye makeup is the most essential basis of the whole makeup process because it defines your eyes and adds a special splendor on them. One of the best eye makeup tricks ...

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Four Essential Steps to Enjoy a Flawless Abaya Look

Today, the abaya look has become one of the most essential looks, not for Gulf ladies only but its designs have were seen as well among those introduced by international fashion houses, and global stars are also embracing the abaya looks as well. ...

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6 Trends of Fashion for Spring Summer 2018

With the spring season just around the corner, it is our duty to make you in the know about the most prominent fashion lines for this forthcoming season, along with the prevailing trends for summer as well. There is actually a wide range of variet ...

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4 Romantic Looks for Valentine's Day Just Like Stars

Red is a warm color that expresses the feelings of love and romance, not to mention that it is indeed a fiery shade. This is why it is called the color of passion and sexy and international stars opt for it during their special, distinguished occasio ...

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Shine Like The Stars In SAG Awards

Recently, Los Angeles witnessed the events of the SAG Awards ceremony in its 24th session, with the Red Carpet receiving the prettiest looks of global stars wearing the most luxurious, eye- catching evening dresses worthy of this majestic ceremony. ...

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Shop Now….With Attractive Discounts And No Added Tax!

For your E-shopping there is only one unique website, that is our one and only Sayidaty Mall which offers you the best and latest collections of clothing and accessories for both men and women, plus numerous house appliances and items coming to you f ...

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Style 3 Modish Hijab Looks on the Steps of Fashionistas

The looks of fashionistas are truly an inspiration for us to concert our own stylish looks and keep pace with the modern trends of the fashion world. This is actually why we keep track of their styles on Istagram on a daily basis to choose fashions a ...

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Best Beauty Gifts to Celebrate the End of 2017

What is the Best Gift to Offer to Your Friend to Say Goodbye to 2017?   So many and different ideas pop up to your mind concerning the gifts and presents to offer your friends to celebrate the end of this year 2017. Yet they make you all the more ...



3 Modern Ideas to Decorate the Corners of Your House

The decor of every individual house reflects the good taste and sense of its owner. Every one of us has their different and individual touches in arranging and distributing the house furniture and appliances in a way that projects enchanting, coordin ...


6 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Wristwatch for Women

A wristwatch for a woman is one of the most prominent accessories which must be chosen carefully because it reflects much upscale and majestic on the looks of a female on one hand, and the personal taste of the woman wearing it on the other. Altho ...

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For Your Dear Lady: Magical Treatments for a Healthy and Silky Hair.

Do you see the beautiful hair of stares and ads' models and want to have hair just like theirs? Healthy and shining hair indeed? Then, all you have to do is apply our tips to enjoy an amazing hair that catches all eyes! We will offer you today her ...

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How to Choose Your Perfume According to Your Skin Type

There exists a total and special harmony and consistency between the skin and the perfume. But what most women do not know is that every type of skin has its own certain perfume that greatly commensurate with it and so her body continues to smell goo ...

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Hijab Style… 4 Pieces that will Make Your Look Modern

Now that fall is here, every lady and girl wearing hijab is getting ready to re-arrange her wardrobe and renovate her outfits with the latest trends of international hijab fashions to enjoy a decent, elegant and modern look all at the same time, and ...

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Classy Fashions in Candy Color for a Feminine Look from Dina Melwan

Away from the showy and dramatic looks, you will need delicate and quiet ones. So we will offer you following a collection of fashions in the cheerful, quiet and amazing Cotton Candy Colors designed by the distinguished designers Dina Melwani to help ...

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Best Patterned Backpacks and Sneakers for a Modern University Look

Backpacks are some of the most amazing youthful choices, especially for university girls. They actually commensurate with the casual, practical look you prefer for the mornings, and at the same time they are your best choice to include all your unive ...



Large Earrings from Asya Krasnaya to Keep Pace with the Elegance of Fall Season 2017

Earrings are considered some of the most important accessories that complete any look and make it prettier. And for an extraordinary elegance this fall on the steps of international trends, our tip for you is to opt for large eye- catching earrings i ...



Stylish Abayas Suitable for University Girls

 Every college girl wants to get a modern delicate look that highlights her femininity and elegance, her keenness on taking care of her appearance, and on keeping pace with the latest international fashion lines yet compatible with the traditions and ...