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Wearing Hijab? Coordinating your lipstick with the color of your Hijab is a must.

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نهى السداوي - sayidaty.net / 25-09-2016

How to choose the right lipstick to match the color of your Hijab

Nowadays, wearing Hijab has its own unique elegance and style which was made more popular by Arab fashionistas in general, and Gulf ones in particular. Their efforts resulted in lunching the most elegant and sophisticated looks for women in Hijab, along with the right makeup. But the most important beauty items that needs most care and attention is how to choose the right lipstick that matchs the color of your Hijab. 

Actually, it is not that difficult! All you have to do is get familiar with the colors and know how to mix them to choose the right color that goes with your Hijab. Here are our tips to style your lipstick with your Hijab:

-The right lipstick color to match the color of your Hijab:

To make things more easy for you we will sort out the Hijab outfits according to its basic colors in groups with the right suitable lipstick colors

1-Hijab in light colors: when you are wearing Hijab outfits in colors including white, pearl, soft pastel shades or rosy our tip for you is to choose lipsticks in shades that make more intense imprint on your Hijab, including colors as maroon, fuschia, lilac, brown and dark red. 

Just for you! This multicolored sports chic shawl from Alexander McQueen will suit you the best!

This fuschia lipstick from Nars is available also in purple, red, brown and rosy 

Or! You can choose a long lasting lipstick color in dark red from Life Style

   2- Dark-colored Hijab: in case you have chosen to wear Hijab in dark colors such as dark blue, maroon or olive green, these will best be styled with delicate lipstick colors that go in harmony with the dark ones. You only have to stay away from dark-colored lipsticks because this will give your look a dark impression. The best lipstick colors that suits best your Hijab in this case include nude-colored lipsticks, rosy and peach. 

Here you are with this sports chic shawl in blue and white from Jigsaw

Or this multicolored casual shawl with long fringes from Gucci  

Color Adapt Lip Balm lipstick in rosy color for hydrated and healthy lips from Sephora 

And!! This beach color Honey Mood lipstick for a soft and silky lips from Bourjois

3-    Earth-colored Hijab: many Gulf women tend to choose earth colors for their Hijab wear such as shades of brown and dark beige- 

Earth colors are characterized by being warm and need in general bright and radiant colors, so they mostly go with shades including the color orange and cherry red. Please stay away from light-red-colored lipstick so that you do not look pale.  

Our choice for you! This sports chic shawl with a classic design in the beige color from Jigsaw

For your lips get this long lasting orange lipstick from Revlon which contains butter to make them soft and smooth 

To get plump lips, go for  a lip gloss that makes them look more full. If your lips already big, you must avoid all types of lip gloss completely