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The right cosmetics to do contouring

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منال سعادة - sayidaty.net / 17-09-2016

Female celebrities and stars are the role model of beauty for the majority of women. But what we do not know is that the secret of their beauty mostly depends on the use of the contouring makeup technique, or reshaping the facial features to correct the building of the face and give it a new attractive dimension, and the highlighter that gives it a distinctive glow. Some of the prominent celebrities to use such makeup techniques include Kim Kardashian, CharlizeTheron, Angelina Jolie and others.

The technique, redefining the facial features, or contouring, involves a makeup game that allows you to use dark and light colors of makeup to beautify and correct the face, rebuild and change its features. By using the dark color you can create shades that give your face new dimension, while by using the light color you will create spots of light to form the center of beauty on your face. 

For every woman who thinks her face is dramatically round, or her nose is big, her forehead too large or too small, come along and apply the makeup Kim Kardashian wear step by step.

A bonus tip: it is better to apply the contouring, or defining the outlines of your face at night instead of the early morning because you will need a longer time

What do you need?

A foundation cream: use Touché Eclat Teint by Yves Saint Laurent  

Foundation cream Double Wear by  Estée Lauder


Compact powder in darker brown than your skin, or bronze, you can choose this compact powder by laura mercier


Compact powder that gives good coverage, lighter than your skin tone to create a contrast, we recommend the face powder by Clarins 

Loose, transparent powder: you can pick this powder by Elizabeth Arden

Makeup Tools

A lipstick brush (beveled edge)
A small flat brush
A basic powder brush
A small piece of sponge 
A flat powder brush

The first step: the foundation
After applying your routine of skincare (cleansing, hydrating, anti-aging creams…) apply the foundation on the entire face to create a barrier between the foundation and the skin and to let the makeup set on your face longer and better. Use foundations with light composition that gives your skin immediate glow, soothes the wrinkles, minimizes the pores and removes the shin of the skin. 

Then apply a light layer of your liquid foundation that suits your skin tone  

The second step: contouring with darker shade
Around the root of your hair on your face draw with a small piece of makeup-sponge or brush a dark brown horizontal and thick line that suits your forehead size. The more the line is thick, the smaller your forehead becomes. To highlight the hollow of your cheeks, make the line thicker to the side of your ears and make it sharper downward to your mouth sides. Add a final touch to the lower part of your face on the jaws and under your chin. 

To make your nose smaller, draw with a small brush two thin lines along the wings of your nose to the side where the eyebrows begin.
For a small and delicate face, focus on the cheek bones only so that your head will not appear very small

The third step: the light color
Using a flat powder brush and a sponge apply the light color beside the dark brown one on the two apples of the cheek reaching the area under the eyes, on the center of your nose, on the forehead and chin. 
Exactly this moment you will find out that your face looks strange, do not be panic. 


The fourth step: mixing 
This is actually the basic step: start pulling the sponge and brush and begin the shading process by drawing the dark brown color toward the light one. Pad a little to make the boundaries blur a little. For your jaws, pull upward and downward but pay attention so that you will not end up wearing a bear-shape form. And be careful to remove all defining lines even the smallest one so that your face-shape looks in total harmony. If the sponge formed any little lines a touch with the clean brush well rectify the problem


The fifth step: set your makeup
To set your makeup and remove the shinning you must use a transparent powder. Apply the powder generously using a spray so that you do not miss up the colors and remove the access using a clean brush.

It the colors disappeared or blurred apply more bronze powder using a blusher brush, add a little bit on the shadow areas.

What about the rest of your face? 
The eye-makeup and lips should be as little as possible. Apply black eyeliner or black mascara, or smoky eye-shadow and a nude tone on your lips. 

A final tip to make your eyes look wider: use the eyelash bender and apply white-colored pencil inside the eyes