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What is the best lipstick to give you that white shinning smile?

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kiki&Anousa - sayidaty.net / 15-09-2016

Lipstick is the final touch that enriches your look and gives it a striking glow. But choosing the color that suits you best needs much attention and precision concerning the very specific beauty details which you might neglect, especially when it comes to deciding on the right color that will give your smile a more charming whiteness.


Some lipstick colors gives your teeth more whiteness and brightness, unlike others that only make them look yellow and adversely affect your beauty.  Our tips will teach you how to choose the right lipstick for your teeth, for the tone of your skin and about the composition of each and every one of them to get those perfect lips 

-    What is the color of the lipstick that gives your teeth enriched whiteness:
Here you are with our list of lipstick colors that you must choose to enjoy the look of white striking teeth.

1-    The red color lipstick: choose the composition of colors that is based on the blue and stay away from the red to orange color. The blue-based color removes any signs of orange and yellow on your teeth. For this we offer you Intense Lasting Lipstick by Sensai 

2-    Pale pink lipstick:  choose the cold shades of this color, not the orange or coral ones. Dealing with pink lipstick is harder than the red shades because pink color lacks the dark side that might highlight the whiteness of your teeth. So! Watch out the orange color and select the smooth pink lipstick which comes in berry shades. Here we offer you Rich Lips by Bobbi Brown. 

3-    Dark pink: choose the berry color lipstick which comes in a shade between pink and purple to red. There are plenty of colors to choose. The important thing again is bear those blue tones, so either who chose the light berry color or deep apricot keep in mind the glossy transparent compositions will enhance your smile unlike the matt ones. We offer you here the lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Pense à Moi by Lancôme.

4-    The nude color: choose the light composition with a gloss touch. The blue hint in these colors may seem worrying a bit, but once you apply it the color blue disappears and your teeth become whiter. Stay away from the apricot matt composition because suits very white teeth. We offer you here L'Absolu Rouge Beige Mirage by Lancôme. 

-    Your lipstick according to your skin tone:

1-    If you are blond and have light skin tone choose the cold pale or neutral colors. Also you can choose powder colors such as pink or apricot. Such colors do not erase the features of your face, but if are bold enough choose the real red color 

2-    If your hair is red focus on warm colors such as those verging toward orange, copper or brown that matches the reflections of your hair color. Avoid the cold colors.   

3-    If you are brunet and have dark hair choose the colors that suit your brunet tone best. If the color brunet of your skin tone is light choose plum color or masonry. If you are a dark brunet choose the lighter and smoother colors. 

-    How to apply the lipstick:

-    Defining the contour of the lips is an old-dated technique, the only exception is using a lip pencil of the same color of the lipstick

-    Be careful not to over pass the borderlines of the lips especially if the color of you lipstick is stark. Apply the color on your full lips to avoid minimizing their size.

-    Remove the access of the lipstick by placing a tissue between your lips so as not to smudge your teeth. 

Now you can apply a matching manicure in red to complete your look and boost your charm