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What is the best kind of concealer to suit the type of your skin?

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kiki&enas - sayidaty.net / 14-09-2016

A flawless skin is one of the basics of makeup and one way to make all the imperfections of your skin to disappear is to use concealer. There are different types of concealers to suit every skin according to its tone an type. For my lady here you are with some tips to choose the right concealer for your skin.

Choose the right color of concealer is imperative to guarantee that the black circles around your eyes, fatigue traces and the wrinkles or fine lines disappear completely. For these reasons and more, do not choose the light color of concealers if you have black circles around your eyes, but those with medium colors. If your skin is dry or wrinkled somehow, use concealers containing moisturizers to last more and give your look the freshness it needs, use concealer by Debora


You can also choose the creamy concealer which comes as a pencil "stick", it contains oils and moisturizers such as the one by Makeup Factory


To hide the wrinkles around your eyes  choose a concealer that lasts long enough to remove all traces of fatigue and imperfections as well as dark circles and fine lines as this one that comes in light pink for Estee Lauder

If your skin is oily use liquid concealer to avoid sweating. Here you are with this concealer Instant Light Brush by Clarins 

One last important tip: it is better that you apply the foundation cream around the eyes before using your concealer to get an even skin tone with more freshness and brightness, and hide all the imperfections on your skin for a longer time