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Successful makeup tricks for mixed skin

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نهى السداوي - sayidaty.net / 08-09-2016

A combination skin is when you have oily skin in some areas of your face and dry skin in other areas. Women with combination skin suffer the most when choosing the right makeup and maintain it all day long to avoid the greasy look on the forehead, the nose and the chin, and the dry area on the cheeks. 

To help you choose the right make up and make it set for a long period and end your suffering we will unveil the best makeup tricks with the best offer for global cosmetic  

Successful tricks for a combination skin:


1-    Moisturizing: minutes before you apply the makeup hydrate and moisturize the dry areas only on your face. Apply some drops of your moisturizes on the dry area and then distribute will using Hour Intensive Daily moisturizer which hydrate the skin intensively and protect it from the UV rays by Elizabeth Arden  

2-    Choosing the foundation cream: choose the oil-free type, or which gives high-moisturizing features. The compact foundation cream the covers the face will suit you best and removes the brightness from the oily areas. We offer you this option: 

Powder foundation cream from plant extracts that can be applied dry or wet which makes the skin soft and fresh by NYX

A foundation cream for optimal coverage, minimizes wrinkles and enhances the tone of skin, contains vitamin H and suits normal to dry suit from Makeup Factory

An oil-free foundation cream HD for perfect total coverage that lasts all day long by NYX

3-    Applying the highlighter: the highlighter plays an important role in make the combinations skin look normal especially with the dry areas when applied on the cheek bones, the chin, and the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. You can use: 

Flawless Finish highlighter in beige for a flawless complexion by Elizabeth Arden

4-    Use the loose powder. to set the makeup firmly on your skin use the loose powder on the oily areas of the face to get rid of the excessive oils and absorb it. Use:  

Ceramide Skin Smoothing Loose Powder in beige to set the makeup firmly by Elizabeth Arden

5-    Apply blusher: avoid the creamy types of blushers. Opt for a little glossy powder to give vividness and freshness to your face and to last long. We have chosen for you: 

A long lasting blusher for rosy cheeks in pink shades by Misslyn 

A glossy blusher that lasts long in plum color by Deborah 

Once you follow the aforementioned steps your makeup will set all day long and you will get rid from the annoying appearance of oily or dry areas and look your best.