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Enjoy a most radiant complexion during your honey moon with these cosmetics

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 نهى السداوي - sayidaty.net / 01-09-2016


It is no secret that every bride seeks to look on her big day the most beautiful. Therefore, all the work to care for her skin is done for the wedding party, and then forgets all about skincare and attention after the party! Well, this is very wrong because she must continue the process especially during the honeymoon where she might travel abroad and her complexion suffers the harsh and severe weather factors, making here lose all that radiant and glowing skin. And, because we care so much for your beauty, we want you to look always most shinning and radiant. 

Following are some of our tips to take care of your skin on your honeymoon, along with our choice of a wide rand of cosmetics that will totally take care of your skin and beauty. 

Tips on taking care of the skin during the honeymoon:

1-    Facial care:

No doubt that you being the bride want to look radiant and have this amazing fresh skin on your honey moon. Choose the following products: 
-    Facial cleanser: this is the safety valve for skincare and the first step to remove excessive oils and prevent pimples from appearing, and for maintaining the pores clean and prevent popup of black heads on your skin. Our tip for you is to use facial cleanser with a unique formula that helps in cleaning the pores and reducing their size to add a glowing non-oily look on your face without making your skin dry. This Neutrogena's Visibly Clear with the aroma of mandarin and lemon will give you this feeling of happiness and freshness  


-    Day and night cream: one of the most important steps to maintain your skin is to use day and night cream for nutrition and protection all day long. Such creams moisturize the skin in the morning and give it the smoothness and freshness and the necessary protection against the sun. We have picked this day cream for the protection and purification of your skin while making its tone lighter with ingredients including Arabic gum and licorice plant extract by Himalaya.

-    And to nourish the skin to look so attractive we have picked this night cream Flawless Future. This cream rebuilds the cells of the skin and nourishes it with the vitamins lost during the day by Elizabeth Arden.

-    Sunscreen: to complete your skincare steps do not forget the essential sunscreen. Choose this cream White Lucency by Shiseido     

2-    Body care:
-    Skin exfoliator: you will definitely need to a speedy effective exfoliator once a week to get rid of the dead cells and restore the flexibility, vivacity and tone of your body. Your best choice is this exfoliator with the rich aroma of coffee extracted from toasted coco beans, grass roots fragrant and essential oils of coriander. It smells good and cleans the pores and works as a smooth scrub to prevent dehydration to give your body a clear transparent look. We recommend that you use this cream from Lush 

-    Body oil: to perfectly and deeply moisturize your skin we recommend that you use oils on your skin following the exfoliation process. These oils will penetrate the pores of your skin to add this velvet smooth touch to it. Use Eight Hour Miracle Oil by Elizabeth Arden. 

-    Talc powder: to feel refreshed and enjoy the good smell of your body, and get rid of the excessive oils and sweat use this talc powder for all day comfort. We have chosen this talc with mint fragrance, 100 gram,  by Tamese&Jackson

And now that you have discovered the most important products to look after your skin during the honeymoon, you will find no difficulty in looking naturally gorgeous and stunning.