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Get plump cheeks with the right cosmetics

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نهى السداوي - sayidaty.net / 25-08-2016

Having chubby cheeks a sign of beauty for a woman, but some women have already small cheeks to the extent that they resort to use botox or cosmetic medical intervention to inflate them. But did you know that you can maximize your cheeks using some cosmetic tricks? 

Here you are with some of our tricks to increase the size of your cheeks using cosmetics from the most famous global brands including Ciaté London, Givenchy, Makeup Factory, H&M, Bobbi Brown, NYX, Elizabeth Arden and Chanel 

Some rules must be followed to increase the size of your cheeks:

One of the most important things to be considered to have chubby cheeks is to choose the right foundation cream to suit your skin tone. You can apply the light color of foundation on the check area only in horizontal lines to give the cheeks more width and fullness and at the same time to highlight the cheek bones. For better results use a foundation cream with ultimate coverage to minimize as much as possible any showing winkles, to enhance the colors of your cheek and is better if supplemented with vitamin H which could suit both normal and dry skins. We introduce to you here one from Makeup Factory and another from Bobbi Brown. 

You must also use the contour to improve the appearance and fullness of your cheeks using colors such light brown or bronze. Define the area below your cheeks with an upward curve line starting from the center of your mouth reaching the ears if your face is wide enough. It your cheeks are thin define a slash line to give your face extra width and highlight your cheeks. Then you can blur these lines with the foundation cream. If want to use the contour to highlight your cheeks use a pencil to define the features of the face. We present to you this contour pencil available in beige and brown by NYX, or Contouring Shape And Shade by H&M with 4 different colors for a most perfect makeup

Another important rule to highlight your cheeks to look fuller is choosing light pink blusher with little shine to give them a natural radiant. Use a big brush to apply the blusher in circular movements at the center of the face and then with a slight sideward movements to both sides of your face. This light pink blusher by Ciate London will highlight the bones on your cheeks, eyebrows and forehead, making your skin glowing and beautiful. The same applies when you use this blusher LUMIÈRE ORIGINELLE by Givenchy. 

The more your face is chubby the more it looks radiant and attractive and all you have to do to get this soft and bright face is to choose the right highlighter to suit your skin tone. Apply the highlighter above your cheeks to look full and plump by using the contour also. To tilt your cheek area upwards, distribute the highlighter down below the cheeks beyond the contour line.  Finally use Flawless Finish highlighter in beige by Elizabeth Arden to get rid of any imperfections on your skin.

The final step involves applying loose powder all over your face to unify the tone of your makeup and add a touch of brightness and radiance to it, and make it set longer. This way the beauty of your cheeks will definitely be highlighted and your skin will be flawless and united. We have chosen for you a loose powder ultra-smooth and soft in beige by Chanel


By following these steps you will be sure that you will get those chubby cheeks without the need for any cosmetic medical intervention!