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The must-have cosmetics to get plump lips

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شيماء إبراهيم - sayidaty.net / 23-08-2016

Lips makeup is one of the important elements to give a stunning look, this is why lipsticks are on the most important and prominent cosmetics for every woman and girl no matter how their looks and tastes are different.

So! When you apply the makeup on your lips, you must wonder which type or kind of lipsticks suit them best especially in view of the wide varieties of makeup fashions and the cosmetic procedures widespread recently, and which many stars and celebrities went under to get big plump and full lips. Women with thin lips are confused and want so much, and are craving to get bigger lips using makeup. The beauty of the lips does not depend mostly on if they were big enough or full or even thin as much as it depends on where a woman or a girl takes good care of them and chooses the right cosmetics and colors. This is why we made this effort to guide you through the following paragraphs on how to easily apply the makeup on thin lips and get in return full and plump beautiful lips.

The available brands here within include Makeup Factory, NYX, Bourjois, Sephora, Dior.

- The first step: use a lip liner in lighter shade close to the nude colors such as beige or light pink, or a transparent clear one. First draw a line defining your upper lip but draw a line a bit bigger than you lower lip with the pencil. If needed repeat the process, until you get the acquired results using these cosmetics

Defining lips by Makeup Factory

Or this lip liner which comes in different shades including the brown and pink shades by NYX

The second step: put some of your foundation cream on your inner lips and then spread the cream nicely and easily on all your lips. We recommend that you try this great cream for great results:

Foundation cream Healthy Mix for unified and radiant skin tone by Bourjois

Third step: now apply the lipstick color to suit your makeup and fashions, and your skin tone of course! You should know that lighter colors give your lips fuller appearance than the dark ones. We recommend you use the pink and fuchsia shades as follows: 

Color Adapt Lip Balm in pink for healthy moisturized lips by Sephora 

Or this mat lipstick by NYX

-Fourth step: the finishing step in this process is to apply your lip gloss, either a clear transparent or in pink to give your lips further beauty and attractiveness, we recommend this gloss:

FairyPink lip gloss by Dior.  

Or this clear gloss with 70 percent oils to give your lips a day long moisturizing by Dior.


Now ladies! Do not forget that taking care of your lips regularly by moisturizing and peeling them will give you much better results when you use your cosmetics.