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How to Conceal Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

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Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 30-07-2018

The skin under the eyes has no fat lying underneath and contains to oil glands. It is actually a very thin and sensitive area and when dark circles appear it is so annoying!

Following you will find the most common causes for the appearance of dark circles and some tips to solve and avoid this problem offered to you by beauty expert Georgette Richa.

Causes for the appearance of dark circles:

* Hormone disorder

* Genetic factors

* Enema

* Insufficient drinking water

* Lack of sleep, staying awake long and fatigue

Treatment Tips

* Sleep early

* Avoid putting makeup or cosmetics under the eyes

* Apply cucumber around the eyes for one hour every day.

* Use the right creams daily

  1. The Right Creams to Get Rid of the Dark Circles

    It is very essential to apply day and night creams to fight the dark circles and our tip for you is to use these following treatments:

    * Pearl Queen Whitening Eye Cream 30 ml.

    * Obagi Firming Eye Cream – ElASTIderm Eye Cream 15g

    * Obagi Hydrating Cream – Ultra Rich Eye 15g

    * The Face Shop Eye Cream enhanced with pomegranate extract – 50 ml

    * Rodial Anti-Aging (Snake Eye Cream) 15 ml

    * Mincer Botuline Gold Eye and Lip area Cream

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