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Eye- Makeup in Black Color for Ladies in Hijab

Beauty & Makeup

Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 17-07-2018

Black eyes are the most beautiful eyes ever! They have always drived poets to sing for them and to their fascinating charm and beauty. So dear lady, you must absolutely know how to bring out the beauty of those eyes in a correct way.

Following we will introduce to some tips offered by makeup experts which you can apply to draw the shape of your eyes correctly and in an appropriate manner.

First you should focus on choosing the right kohl which represents the basic step for eye- makeup and includes the eye-liner, the black pencil and the eye- shadow which involves the powder that fixes the kohl and contributes to blending the colors together.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Makeup for Big Eyes

    Start by applying the black pencil – it is better that it comes in creamy color – from the inner corner of the eye near the nose

    reaching to the outer corner, passing through the inside of the eyes and then extending the pencil on the upper eyelid in a way that the outer corner is wider than the inner one. After that start the blending process or "estompage" which represents the best way to avoid the clear obvious lines in makeup and give the makeup process a more natural look and shape.

    Once this is done draw the eyes with black eyeliner, then apply mascara to fill the eyelashes and boost their volume.

    These steps will give your eyes the almond shape in a sexy alluring look. This is actually the ideal eye- look for Arab women.

  2. Makeup for Small Eyes

    Start applying the black pencil from the outer corner of the eyes and extend approximately 30 ml outside the eyes. With the kohl pencil draw starting from the center point of the upper eyelid and extend outward in a wider line until you reach the end of the eye.

    Now start the blending process to avoid defining the lines and making them very obvious.

    You need to apply eye- shadow in beige or white colors on the inner corner of the upper eyelid in "estompage" method: this will definitely give small eyes a wider look and exquisite brightness.

    Now make sure to apply the mascara to thicken the eyelashes, but only after you have defined the eyes using the eyeliner.