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Because It Lends Their Looks a Special Mark… Reasons Why Fashion Bloggers and Influencers Selected Sayidaty Mall

sayidaty.net / 23-05-2018

A number of fashion bloggers and influencers joined their forces on social media to choose their looks for Eid El-Fitr from our one and only site Sayidaty Mall. The site will introduce to you this season which was specially allocated for the holy month of Ramadan and Eid days an exquisite collection of ready- to- wear outfits and evening dresses coming to you from renowned names in the fashion industry either in the Arab world or on the international scene, in addition to some innovative products including beauty products ,tools and perfumes plus women and family necessities, in addition to a complete guide on the services offered and the  addresses of malls and shops to spare you the time and effort to find what best suits you.


These stars on social media preferred Sayidaty Mall as their ultimate choice for meeting their needs in terms of fashions and beauty products.


Sayidaty Mall was the destination for the blogger and fashionista Mayada who frequently travels between Beirut and Abu Dhabi to convey to you tips and practical ideas which you can apply on your makeup and daily style. Mayada found on Sayidaty Mall some amazing Ramadan offers and products that appealed to her taste and ideas.

For a Pregnant Woman… Your Looks during Ramadan on the Steps of Mayada Sleiman



The blogger Aya Faisal who has many followers on Instagram always seeks to accomplish both beauty and elegance that go in line with modernity and trending fashions. She also selected her looks for this season from Sayidaty Mall because the site offers her individuality and uniqueness that both commensurate with the personality of modern woman.

Aya Faisal in an Elegant Kaftan from Sayidaty Mall… Order Now!



Tamara Jamal is one of the brightest young ladies who cultivated big successes on social media, on Instagram in particular. She found what she was looking for on Sayidaty Mall: trending and modern fashions that appeal to her taste and suit her eye- catching elegance, and to keep pace with the latest and stylish fashions.

Tamara Jamal Inspires You with the Abaya Look for an Elegant Ramadan Appearance



Blogger Shahad Shouber also made Sayidaty Mall her upscale destination to choose what suits her looks and the products she needs for Eid Al-Fitr. Her looks will definitely surprise her followers for their individuality and modernity, as well as her classy, sparkling and fancy style in choosing her evening outfits. 

Shahad Shobar in Abaya from Pink Salt… Get the Same Look



The famous Emirati blogger Fatma Husam has opted for an exquisite collection of the brands available on Sayidaty Mall for her decent looks in hijab, yet which go in line with her taste and goal to maintain her upscale style in hijab.

A Floor- Length Dress Suitable for Ramadan Invitations… Style it on Fatma Husam's Way



In collaboration with Sayidaty Mall, these famous fashion bloggers made a spectacular fashion show in a special photo- shooting session to guide the public toward the newest and latest lines of fashions and trends, and to establish a special style that suits the Gulf and Arab women. All the pieces will be available on Sayidaty Mall through the various offers and discounts on the occasion of Ramadan and Eid Al- Fitr .

Tamara Jamal Inspires You with 4 Ramadan Looks… Order Now!

Fatma Husam Looks during Ramadan from Sayidaty Mall

Shahad Shobar in 4 Ramadan Looks from Sayidaty Mall… Opt For What Best Suits You!

Mayada Suleiman Recommends These 4 Look for a Pregnant Woman: Be Stylish During Ramadan

Tips by Fashion Blogger Aya Fasial for Stylish Ramadan Looks


You can follow these bloggers on their own platforms or via Sayidaty Mall on Instagram, You Tube, Face book and Twitter.

Top 5 Abayas in White and Black … Selected by Most Famous Fashion Bloggers

Ramadan Abayas from the Top 5 Most Famous Fashion Bloggers in the Arab World





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