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A Special Makeup for Ramadan… The Steps as Follow

sayidaty.net / 11-05-2018

During the holy month of Ramadan, your whole look becomes different in terms of the outfits you wear which naturally tend to be more modest and decent, and in terms of your beauty looks where the makeup you apply on your face becomes more simple and natural to suit the atmospheres of the holy month.


So our tip for you is to let go of the strong and intensive makeup which might reflect boldness and daring that contradict the holiness of the month, and replace it with a simple, yet delicate makeup that brings out the beauty and serenity of your face, further away from the bright and loud appearance.


  1. The First Step:

    The delicate makeup is based on bringing out the freshness of your face and the clarity of your skin which should look flawless. We selected for you a day moisturizing cream from Little Butterfly London.

    Price: SAR 69

  2. The Second Step

    The foundation cream should be applied in a light gentle layer so as not to leave an obvious thickness on your face. We selected for you this Super-blendable foundation cream from L'Oreal to give your face full coverage, consistent with the color of your skin tone in pure manner.


    Price: SAR 61

  3. The Third Step

    Apply on your eyes earth color eye- shadow or nude one because they lend you a natural and attractive look. From Max Factor we selected for you Smoky Eye Drama Kit eye- shadow.


    Price: SAR 39

  4. The Fourth Step

    Dry your lips with powder and then use lipstick in light pink color. We selected for you Sinner lipstick in nude pink color from Lipstick Queen.


    Price: SAR 137.




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