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3 Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your Sunglasses

sayidaty.net / 04-05-2018

Sunglasses complete any exquisite look, this is a fact. It is also one of the most important accessories that lends sparkle to your appearance, and boost your allure and mystery. So our tip for you is not to neglect this important accessory and to make it a basic, because without it your look is really incomplete.

But choosing the right sunglasses is not an easy thing because there are many choices and many considerations to think of. Each skin tone, face shape and personality has its own special look.  And because the sunglasses constitute an integral part of the whole look, the shapes and frames of sunglasses differ according to the considerations at play.

Following we will familiarize you about the three important factors to take into consideration when choosing the right sunglasses for you:

  1. Hair and Skin Tone

    If you are a brunette and have black hair, our tip for you is to opt for sunglasses without a frame with a little bit light- colored lenses. We selected for you these sunglasses in round design lenses and grey color from Bulgari.

    1- Price: SAR 779

    But if the color of your hair and skin is blonde, our tip for you is to opt for sunglasses in brown color frame and lenses to lend harmony to your skin tone and hair: so how about these sunglasses from Ray.Ban?

    2- Price: SAR 487

    And, if you have light brown skin tone and chestnut hair then you are a lucky woman because most colors of sunglasses suit you. We selected for you these sunglasses in red color from Coach.

    3- Price: SAR 525

  2. The Face Shape Controls the Selection Process

    The square face: this face is mostly characterized with a broad front and prominent jawbone so the round lenses, or cat- eyes style will give your face enough roundness to lessen the prominent bones. We selected for you these sunglasses from Micheal Kors

    1- Price: SAR 690

    The oval face: it takes the shape of an egg and the most ideal face shape actually: all shape of frames suit it. We selected for you these sunglasses from Coach in cat- eyes design.

    2- Price: SAR 558

    The round face:  in this shape the length of the face equals the width, so the square sunglasses are ideal for ladies with square face shape. We selected for you these sunglasses made of plastic frame from Oakley.

    3- Price: SAR 605

  3. The Personality: The Different Personalities are Reflected on the Selection Process of the Sunglasses.

    The cheerful merry character that tends to be funny is recommended to opt for sunglasses from Emoji brand patterned with emoji graphics and with yellow lenses to reflect your mood.

    1- Price: SAR 213 

    The serious character that acts in a reverend and balanced manner is recommended to opt for what really reflects your nature. We selected these black sunglasses from Oakley with thin arms.

    2- Price: SAR 932.




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