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Tips to Take Care of Your Hair You Should not Ignore with Ramadan Around the Corner

sayidaty.net / 25-04-2018

Because your hair is the crown of beauty on your head, and the reflection of your allure, you should take extra, preventive care of it because your whole diet and daily eating habits change dramatically during the holy month, not to mention your daily beauty routine, thus leading to its damage.

So we will offer you following some important beauty tips to help you protect your hair during the holy month of Ramadan.

These tips will be provided to you according to the type of your hair along with the hair products suitable to take care of it:

  1. Normal Hair: a woman with this type of hair is lucky somehow, because the scalp excretes a medium quantity of oils and sebum that help in smoothing the hair and prevent its dryness.

    Our tip is to use:

    This hair fortifying shampoo from Mohsense Paris which allows blood vessels on the scalp to be strong, and ensures hair growth.

    1- Price: SAR 84

    Hair Mask Keratin Garlic from Shine to smooth the hair, stimulate its roots and purifies the skin. It will also make your hair healthy, attractive, and strong and prevents its falling.

    2- Price: SAR 120


    Balsam for normal hair from Color Wow which restores to your hair strands its smoothness and shininess with its special properties that moisturize the hair and prevent its dryness.

    3- Price: SAR 143

  2. Dry Hair: that Suffers Brittles and Broken Ends

    Our tip is to use:

    Nutritive oil for dry and dull hair from Izil with argan oil, olive oil and Aloe Vera. It provides a nourishing , intensifying dose of natural moisture for dry and damaged hair.

    1- Price: SAR168


    This shampoo for dry hair with black seed oil from Kardashian Beauty, it moisturizes, nourishes the hair and leaves it soft and smooth.

    2- Price: SAR 61


    Dry hair conditioner with black seed oil from Kardashian Beauty to complete the role of the shampoo.

    3- Price: SAR 61

  3. Oily Hair: this type of hair suffers excessive oils and sebum on the scalp

    Our tip is to use:

    This shampoo from Rahua that contains 100 percent natural ingredients from the Amazon forests, safe to use on colored hair and its natural composition works effectively and efficiently without causing hair dryness.

    1- Price: SAR 228


    Hair styling cream from Color Wow that adds moisture and smoothness to your hair

    2- Price: SAR 269


    Argan oil from Izil, one hundred percent organic and free of any chemicals, gives numerous benefits for the skin, the body and the hair

    3- Price: SAR 143





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