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Here You Are with the Main Basics to Choose the Right Men Wristwatch for You


sayidaty.net / 09-04-2018

A timepiece is not just a luxury accessory on the wrist of a man, but one basic element of his smart looks. In addition, it is not there to tell time only, but also a piece to adorn his hand regardless of his age group. It will definitely make him look presentable, and lends his appearance further reverence and precision.

Selecting the design of the wristwatch depends on different considerations actually, starting from the man's age,  right through to his own personality and the style of his clothes, reaching to the shape of his hand and wrist. One should also remember the occasion he will be attending. So, as you see, all of these factors contribute to the design of the wristwatch, its color and size.

Following we will introduce to you 3 factors to take into consideration when you choose your wristwatch, along with our choice of 3 sets of  wristwatches coming to you from the famous brand, Zyros:  

  1. Your Age: for every group of age there are different designs that will enable the person wearing them to present himself in a manner suitable for his age:

    If you are between 20 to 35years of age, it is better to opt for sporty wristwatches in leather design with wide and large bracelets. You can also choose bold, bright colors. We selected for you this wristwatch from Zyros made of leather in grey color and blue case.

    1- Price: SAR 94

    -  But if you are between 35 to 50 years of age, it is better to opt for a little bit classic design, yet keep the touch of youthfulness. Our tip for you is to opt for a leather wristwatch in earth color with a thin bracelet. We selected for you from Zyros this wristwatch made of brown leather and a sliver case.

    2- Price: SAR 90

    And if you are over 50 years of age, our tip for you is to opt for classic, quiet and dark color design to reflect the extent of your confidence and matureness. We selected for you from Zyros this watch in black leather.

    3- Price: SAR 42.

  2. Your Personality: the differences in personalities are reflected on the way a man chooses his outfits and his wristwatch of course!

    Amusing funny man: if you love laughter and to say jokes most of the times, go for a wristwatch in bold, daring colors that reflects your love for life and your funny character. We selected for you this wristwatch from Zyros made of multicolor fabric and white mina.

    1- Price: SAR 76

    Serious man: is your character serious most of the times and prefer to talk about serious important things? If you have this firm and discreet personality our tip for you is to opt for a wristwatch that highlight your serious strict character and stay away from bright shining colors. We selected for you a silver wristwatch from Zyros in net design and white mina.

    2- Price: SAR 82.

    A man with a balanced character between seriousness and humor: on the principle of every situation requires a certain character some men tend to balance between a funny personality and a serious one, so our tip for them is to opt for this wristwatch from Zyros in net silver design with grey mina.

    3- Price: SAR 99.

  3. The size of the hand and wrist: a wristwatch may seem too large on the hand of a small thin man, and vice versa of course!

    A large hand: of course a large hand will need a wristwatch that covers the most part of the wrist and reduce the size of the hand. So we have selected actually this wristwatch made of dark brown leather from Zyros.

    1- Price: SAR 94.

    A small hand: on the opposite of that big hand and watch one must opt for a delicate wristwatch for the small hand to match the size of the wrist. We selected from Zyros a wristwatch made of cloth with white mina.

    2- Price: SAR 76.

    Medium- size hand: best of things the middle and this is why men with medium- size hands enjoy a variety of choices when they choose their wristwatches because the majority of the designs suit them well! Our tip for you is to opt for this wristwatch from Zyros in net design and white mina.

    3- Price: SAR 82





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