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The Latest Wristwatch Models for Men and Women in Phenomenal Prices


Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 27-03-2018

One of the features of elegance for both men and women is their choice of stylish wristwatches. Wearing such stylish wristwatches mean having the passion to show up very exquisite and chic by wearing one luxurious piece that adds distinctiveness to the whole look. In fact, wearing a luxury wristwatch reflects the majestic taste and personality of its holder, not to mention that a wristwatch is indeed comes in the lead of all other accessories to add attractiveness and beauty to the whole appearance of a man or woman.

And just because we know how much you ladies and gentlemen pay attention to this majestic accessory timepiece, we will show you following some of the most trending new designs this spring/ summer season 2018, but with reduced prices that are affordable and suit all budgets.

Come on now and join us! You can actually wear a chic wristwatch in global designs, good high quality and with reduced prices…

How cool is that!

We will introduce to you first these wristwatches for women, then we will move to men models subsequently:

  1. Colorful Wristwatches for Women

    Colorful wristwatches come this season in the trending spring colors, dominated mostly by the light sky blue, red, yellow and green. Yet, the beauty of the color is clearly manifested in the design of the wristwatch istself, such as this multicolored Zyros wristwatch.

    Price: SAR 117

  2. Patterned Wristwatches for Women

    Patterned designs will prevail on a large scale this year: they are trendy, exquisite, and embellished with colorful different graphics yet in the shades of the trending lively colors of the season to add a novel stylish touch on the wristwatch. We selected for you this Zyros wristwatch in the golden and pink colors and with floral distinctive design.

    Price: SAR 110

  3. Wristwatches in Bracelets Design for Women

    The delicate, prominent designs of the wristwatches in the majestic silver and golden colors and in the bracelets' designs emerge big time in the collections of this season for women to help them enjoy an alluring, eyecatching look. Such as this Zyros wristwatch in chains design and the golden and violet colors

    Price: SAR 110

  4. Wristwatches in Oval Design for Men

    Speaking of wristwatches' designs for men, they usually come in round, circular designs. But now the new designs emerged in oval shapes, so a man can adopted these new oval designs that come in soft, delicate and classy edges to help him enjoy a classic appearance, yet with modern touches. We selected from the collection by Zyros this wristwatch in silver color with date display feature.

    Price: SAR 79

  5. Wristwatches for Men in Bold Design

    The spring/ summer season 2018 has come with the most intensive designs of wristwatches for men, mostly characterized with their daring individuality and strong prevalence on the fashion scene. But most of all such designs are glowing with their dazzling lines that add a modish, phenomenal appearance on you. Speaking of which, here you are with this Zyros wristwatch made of metal in silver and bronze colors and white mina.

    Price: SAR 92

  6. Wristwatches for Men in Colorful Cases and Mina

    The designs of wristwatches for men were characterized this season by adding colors to the inside mina or the framing case thus forming an exquisite, stylish blend with the other features of the wristwatch. For example, we introduce to you this Zyros wristwatch made of leather in green color and black mina.

    Price: SAR 31




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