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4 Designs of Sandals Suitable for Your Abaya from Chic Shoes

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Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 22-03-2018

Sometimes, we as ladies get confused about styling the right shoes for the abaya, especially that every single abaya is different in terms of its design and color.

But although the abaya covers most of the shoes, yet this does not eliminate the difficulty in choosing them because it will show from your sitting position.

So we will offer you following some useful tips on how to style your whole integrated and harmonious look.

The first and most important tip for you is to achieve balance between the length of your abaya and the shoes so that they do not intertwine when you walk and subsequently tear the abaya from below.

  1. The Short Abaya

    In the event your abaya is kind of short, opt for the open, flat sandals without back strap. This abaya we selected comes to you from Nukhbaa in dark blue color, wrap design and embroidered with creamy colors with a head shawl matching the abaya.

    Price: SAR 299

    We styled with this abaya golden flat Class sandals from Chic Shoes

    Price: SAR 135.

  2. Multi- Colored Abaya

    But if your abaya is printed or multi-colored, your best choice is onecolor sandals in medium- high heels for your daytime occasions. Abaya from the Khaliji brand, Look Style, in multicolor and embroidered.

    Price: SAR 152

    To be styled with sandals in bronze color from Chic Shoes.

    Price: SAR 310

  3. Black or colorful Abaya

    Now we introduce to you comfy or rocky high heels sandals which can by styled with colorful or black abaya and they suit the different designs. The only thing left for you to do is to concert the colors together: opt for cheerful colors for daytime looks, and mono- classic ones like black, golden or silver for evening, informal outings. Abaya from Black Swan Couture in white color embellished with floral

    Price: SAR 740

    Styled with rocky heels sandals in yellow color from Chic shoes.

    Price : 136 SAR

  4. Abaya for the Evenings

    The last tip we offer you here involves the right shoes for the evenings, preferably high heels sandals in black, silver or golden color. Abaya embroidered with sparkling sequins from Nukhbaa

    Price: SAR 299

    We styled this with sandals in silver color from Chic Shoes

    Price: SAR 349




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