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6 Charming Gifts for Mother's Day… with a Budget not Exceeding SAR/AED 500

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sayidaty.net / 16-03-2018

Just few days ahead and the world will be celebrating Mother's Day, and most certainly you have planned several and different plans to surprise your mother on this happy occasion.

And as we know how confusing it is for you to choose a suitable gift without exaggerating its price so as not to exceed the limits of your budget, we will offer you following 6 options of selected gifts from international brands. But the happy news is that their prices do not exceed the amount of SAR/ AED 500.

*But First, Pay Attention to these Tips before You Buy:

- Set your budget: you must keep in mind that the value of any gift is not about its price, but the love you offer with it. So you must define the exact sum of money you want to spend without exceeding your budget. Therefore we selected for you these gifts where the price of each one of them does not exceed the sum of SAR/AED 500 to help you choose the one suitable with your budget.

- The quality of the gift: be smart when you choose the gift and opt for international brands reputable for their good quality and majestic, and with variable prices to allow you choose the gift which commensurate with your defined sum of money.

- Define the gift: your mother is your closest soul- mate, try to know what exactly she needs or strongly loves and surprise her.

- The packaging: remember to package your chosen gift in a dazzling, classy way to catch the eye and heart, and write some soft passionate words to express your love for your mother.

*6 Gifts for Mother's Day in a Budget not Exceeding SAR/ AED 500 :

  1. A floor- length velvet dress from Opera

    Renew the look of your mother so she stands out and be distinctive among her friends in a modish, chic appearance wearing a dress from Opera made of velvet with cotton and crepe fabrics in beige and maroon colors.

    Price: SAR 223

  2. Clutch bag embellished with floral from bYSI

    Adorn the look of your mother with a clutch bag in multicolor embellished with floral and colorful gemstones from bYSI spring/ summer collection 2018.

    Price: SAR 146

  3. A wristwatch in golden color with a set of modern bracelets from Zyros

    An elegant wristwatch represents indispensible exquisite gift for the different occasions especially if it comes with a modish collection of golden bracelets, just like this one we selected for your beautiful mama from the modern collection by Zysros.

    Price : SAR 124

  4. A set of gold consisting of 3 pieces embellished with pearls from Vera Perla

    Boost the majestic and delicate look of your mother with a set of gold 18 carat consisting of 3 pieces, embellished with pearls and in flower design from Vera Perla, this is definitely an attractive eye- catching gift.

    Price:  AED 489

  5. Sofia ring shaped as a heart from Nomination

    Dazzle your mother on her special day with this Sofia ring in golden color studded with zircon and embellished with a red gemstone shaped as a heart from Nomination

    Price: SAR 474.

  6. An elegant embroidered Abaya with floral from Nukhbaa

    Present to your mama an elegant modish abaya as a distinguished gift on her special day, such as this one we selected for you from the gorgeous collection by Nukhbaa embellished with white floral and styled with a matching design of a head shawl.

    Price: SAR 299




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