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Four Essential Steps to Enjoy a Flawless Abaya Look

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Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 22-02-2018

Today, the abaya look has become one of the most essential looks, not for Gulf ladies only but its designs have were seen as well among those introduced by international fashion houses, and global stars are also embracing the abaya looks as well.

But, did you know dear lady that there exist essential steps for styling the abaya look?

Following you will find the most important steps you must apply when you opt for an eye- catching, flawless Abaya look.

  1. For a Tall Lady

    A lady who enjoys a tall figure must wear an abaya embellished with a wide belt, or opt for abaya patterned with wide strips and styled with a large bag and medium height shoes.

    1- Nukhbaa abaya in Aztec prints

    Price: SAR 328

    2- Wide belt for women in black color from Femi9

    Price: SAR 50

    3- Handbag for women in light grey color from Bonia

    Price: SAR 699

    4- Sandals for women in elegant high heels and black color from Caprice

    Price: SAR 349

  2. Small Figure Lady

    A lady in small, short figure must stay away from flowing wide abaya designs , also from large accessories and hand bags, and should opt for abaya in V design on the neckline or collar, styled with a small bag and high heels shoes.

    1- Abaya in light grey color embroidered with black from Nukhbaa

    Price: SAR 328

    2- Handbag for women, in corssbody design and white and pink color from Bonia

    Price: SAR 499

    3- Sandals for women in thin heeled modern design and silver color from Chic Shoes

    Price: SAR 349

  3. Choose Your Abaya According to the Occasion

    Choosing the design of your abaya is greatly based on the occasion and the place where the occasion is held. If the place is your daily workplace, or a shopping mall or you are paying some informal visit, then you must opt for a delicately designed abaya, free of motifs, sequins or shining fabric.

    But for formal outings or visits, opt for a chic abaya studded with gemstones or embroidered with sequins or lace.

    1- Abaya in white color and black embroidery from Look Style

    Price: SAR 152

    2- Abaya embroidered with sparkling sequins from Nukhbaa

    Price: SAR 299

  4. Choosing the Accessories Carefully

    Altogether, the details and designs of every abaya are centered on the collar and sleeves, so the most important accessories to focus on include: the ring, the bracelet and the wristwatch.

    As an example, we selected a unique abaya from Nukhbaa collection, and styled with it some matching accessories so that you get inspired on the right steps for choosing the matching accessories according to the style of your abaya.

    *We start first with the wristwatch which should be in harmony with the design and color of the abaya.

    1- A golden wristwatch from Zyros

    Price: SAR 147

    * Stay away from large and wide bracelets because abayas' sleeves are wide in general.

    2- Coach Pave Hinged gold plated bracelets

    Price: SAR 475

    *As for rings do not wear too many, and opt for ones in harmony with the color of your nail polish and that of your abaya as well.

    3- Sofia ring in golden and red colors from Nomination.

    Price: SAR 474.




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