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6 Trends of Fashion for Spring Summer 2018

Clothes & Shoes

Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 09-02-2018

With the spring season just around the corner, it is our duty to make you in the know about the most prominent fashion lines for this forthcoming season, along with the prevailing trends for summer as well.

There is actually a wide range of varieties of stark, bright colors on the fashion scene, going side by side with modish, stylish designs. Yet we have seen on the other hand designs in delicate pastel colors which have always been associated with the spring and summer seasons because of their proximity to the colors of nature in general.

We also witnessed the return of the ruffles designs for skirts, blouses and dresses.

Then we move to introduce to you the fashion of all seasons, the denim trend where you can style a whole jeans look to help you keep pace with the latest trends of fashion.

The fringes and tassels trends have also maintained their continuity for more than two years successively, and included in addition to fashions, the accessories and shoes as well.

And last, but not least, the sequins fashions which will not be restricted to formal clothing this season but will include as well the daily casual outfits.

For further details we selected for you this collection of fashions from the spring / summer fashion season 2018 to help you show up exceptional and distinctive in your daily looks, away from the traditional and classic styles.

  1. The Stark, Bright Colors Trend

    The fashion trends for spring and summer 2018 included intensive, strong, fiery colors such as red, yellow and indigo. So, do not hesitate dear lady to style a daily look in a strong, eye- catching color, such as this following body suit we selected for you from the collection by VS Fashion.

    Price: SAR 136

  2. Pastel Colors

    As we mentioned above, the pastel color look is a must this spring/summer season.

    So, we selected for you this dress from Opera in light turquoise color. Come on and be the first lady to style such a modish look.

    Price: SAR 149

  3. Ruffles Design

    The ruffles trend continues this year with the dresses, blouses and even with pants. So our tip for you dear lady is to opt for a look in ruffles design to show up in a modern style during your different occasions.

    From our part, we selected for you this following dress from the modern collection by bYSI to highlight your femininity and charm.

    Price: SAR 488.

  4. The Whole Denim Look

    We continue now with the whole jeans look, the latest trend for spring/summer fashion season 2018. We selected for you a dress from FABALLEY, made of soft jeans fabric embellished with motifs and graphics.

    Price: SAR 164

  5. The Fringes Trend

    The tassels trend continues to retain its special place this year and we will see this trend on clothing and accessories alike. So our tip for is to embrace this style for your daily looks during the season.

    We selected for you a kimono in tassels design from the collection by VS Fashion to help you appear exceptional, non-classic and exquisite.

    Price: SAR 90.

  6. Sequins Trend

    And now, we introduce to you the sequins trend which will not be limited this year to formal, evening looks, or the sporty- chic ones, but will include also the casual, practical clothing that can be styled for daytime daily outings.

    We selected for you a dress in golden color from FABALLEY for further shine and glow.

    Price: SAR 205




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