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Best Beauty Gifts to Celebrate the End of 2017

Beauty & Makeup

Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 13-12-2017

What is the Best Gift to Offer to Your Friend to Say Goodbye to 2017?  

So many and different ideas pop up to your mind concerning the gifts and presents to offer your friends to celebrate the end of this year 2017. Yet they make you all the more very confused and cannot decide what to choose to express your affection and friendship to your friend or family members.  

So, we are here to take you in a joyful ride away from the repetitive and classic options in this regard, and have selected for you an exquisite collection of our best products available here on our site with very affordable prices to choose from among them a unique and special gift that will for sure appeal to every lady who loves to take extra care of her daily beauty and allure. 

 And now, you will find following a slideshow of these gifts with their details and prices. 

  1. First Gift

    Estee Lauder Modern Chic Face Palette 

    Price: SAR 331 

  2. Second Gift

    Emerald Manicure Kit from Ciaté London 

    Price: SAR 200 

  3. Third Gift

    Perfume Set for Women from My Burberry  

    Price: SAR 288 

  4. Fourth Gift

    Crystal Noir Set for women – Eau De Toilette 5 ml, Shower Gel 25 ml and Body Lotion 25 ml from Versace  

    Price: SAR 53 

  5. So, dear lady, save your shopping time going around and wandering from every shop and mall to the other and just click on the prettiest sets of beauty gifts available here on our one and only Sayidaty Mall site. To order online, please dial 8004330033.  




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