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3 Modern Ideas to Decorate the Corners of Your House


Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 24-11-2017

The decor of every individual house reflects the good taste and sense of its owner. Every one of us has their different and individual touches in arranging and distributing the house furniture and appliances in a way that projects enchanting, coordinated and consistent atmospheres in terms of colors and designs. 

One of the most favored rooms for a housewife is the living room, or the sitting room as it is called sometimes, and which probably has some vacant spaces that you might want to add your own dynamic touch to it. 

So we will introduce to you following 3 different ideas to help you decorate these empty corners in an enchanting, but definitely not boring or repeated style.  

  1. A Corner for Relaxation and Reading

    Allocate a corner to relax and read by placing a chair, or small couch and a small table, or a shelf to put books or small decorative objects on it. 

    1- Velvet chair in beige color from Normann Copenhagen. Price: SAR 2,858 

    2- Side table for decoration in golden and black color from Bosa. Price: SAR 3,397 

    3- A very small lamp in light grey color, shaped as a bell from Normann Copenhagen. Price: SAR 1,162 

    4- Thai Helen vase with white and matt golden motifs from Bosa. Price: SAR 3,346 

  2. Aesthetic Corner for a Touch of Beauty

    You can place on this corner a painting, or a portrait of you and your partner, or one that reminds you of a passing happy moment. You can add some vases, pictures' frames or objects in different attractive shapes. 

    1- Big round table in black color from Normann Copenhagen. Price: SAR 2,038. 

    2- Golden candleholder from URKIOLA collection by Georg Jensen.  Price: SAR 714. 

    3- Long vase from URKIOLA collection by Georg Jensen. Price: SAR 969. 

    4- Modern picture frame in silver color by Georg Jensen. Price: SAR 336. 

  3. Anta Omri Corner

    And just here, you can opt for a modern table with a candle holder shaped as the Arabic calligraphy phrase "Anta Omri" to lend your sitting room a touch of warm love spreading all over the house.  

    1- A round big table in black color from Normann Compenhagen. Price: SAR 2,038. 

    2- Gold plated CAFU vase from Georg Jensen. Price SAR 607.  

    3- Unique Thai vase with white and matt golden motifs from Bosa. Price: SAR 3,346 

    4- Golden candleholder from Pols Potten. Price SAR 260. 

    5- Candle holder shaped as Arabic calligraphy phrase Anta Omro from Kashida. Price: SAR 229. 

  4. These were our tips for you dear to help you decorate your house in trendy fashion, try them and tell us what you think. 

    If any of these pieces got your attention you can order it online on Sayidaty Mall site. 




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