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6 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Wristwatch for Women

Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 08-11-2017

A wristwatch for a woman is one of the most prominent accessories which must be chosen carefully because it reflects much upscale and majestic on the looks of a female on one hand, and the personal taste of the woman wearing it on the other.

Although one's personal taste and opinion plays a key role as a benchmark for choosing a certain wristwatch, nonetheless there are some basics that must be taken into consideration for selecting the right one.

Following you will find 6 useful tips to help you in this regard, discover them:

  1. Keep in mind the occasion for which you are wearing the wristwatch:

    If you are wearing sports suit for your daytime look, you must avoid wearing golden wristwatch, or one studded with diamonds and opt for casuals which are mostly made of fabrics in dynamic colors.


    1- Sports suit consisting of sports blouse for women in pink color from Mrs. Keepa. Price: SAR 836

    And: Sports pants for women in pink color. Price SAR 760

    2- Wristwatch made of fabric in dark blue and pink colors from Walteri. Price: SAR 367.

  2. The right wristwatch for a costume or formal jacket

    When you choose to wear a costume or formal jacket, then a round or flat wristwatch is the perfect one to suit your outfits, and avoid as much as possible very much decorative ones for your practical and serious looks.

    1- Jacket for women in black color from Mwinda. Price: SAR 678.

    2- Wristwatch for women in golden colors with Roman numerals from Rochas. Price: SAR 1,770.

  3. The right wristwatch for an ordinary day

    For your ordinary outdoor days, our tip for you is to opt for a simple and delicate wristwatch and avoid those fancy ones studded with gemstones or ornaments. Such fancy and classy wristwatches are for special distinctive times.

    1- A black dress with white collar and sleeveless from Paris Couture. Price: SAR 960.

    2- Wristwatch for women in rectangular shape and silver color from Rochas. Price: SAR 1,200

  4. Opt for a wristwatch with the size of your wrist

    You must balance between the size of the watch and your wrist in terms of the arm's length and the fullness of your wrist. Simply said, opt for a delicate wristwatch with thin band or bracelet if you have full body or short, little figure.

    1- Silver dress with short sleeves from Royal Bride. Price: SAR 2,500.

    2- Wristwatch with metal bracelet in gold rose color from Christian Lacroix. Price: SAR 735.

  5. For Special Social Occasions

    Of course you can choose expensive wristwatches for your special social occasions, but take into your account the type of the event or party you are attending: humanitarian or charity events do not commensurate with such expensive luxurious wristwatches.

    1- Short dress made of joubert and tulle fabrics with short sleeves from Opera. Price: SAR 119.

    2- Wristwatch in golden color for women with metal bracelet from Armani Exchange. Price: SAR 821.

  6. Style your wristwatch with the color of your bag and outfits.

    It is better for you dear to match between the design of your wristwatch and the color of your bag and daytime outfits if you are not into changing the wristwatch much often according to your clothing. In such a case opt for a silver delicate wristwatch suitable for all occasions.

    1- A silk blouse embellished with Swarovski crystals in beige color from Paris Couture. Price: SAR 746.

    2- Pants for women made of linen fabric from FabAlley. Price: SAR 95.

    3- Bag with shoulder straps in beige color from Paris Hilton. Price: SAR 348.

    4- Wristwatch for women in silver color and white mina. Price: SAR 280

  7. These were our tips to help you style the right wristwatch for the different occasions and parties. If any of these pieces got your attention and want to get it from Sayidaty Mall site, order online by dialing 8004330033




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