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How to Choose Your Perfume According to Your Skin Type

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Noha seddawi - sayidaty.net / 02-11-2017

There exists a total and special harmony and consistency between the skin and the perfume. But what most women do not know is that every type of skin has its own certain perfume that greatly commensurate with it and so her body continues to smell good for a longer time. But they find difficulty in finding the appropriate perfume for their skins, and wonder: why doesn't their perfume gives the same effect produced when their mothers or friends wear a similar one?

This is why we decided here today on Sayidaty Mall to unveil for you the secret behind this issue!

Simply said: your skin has influence on the smell of your perfume; so when you choose your perfume make sure it is appropriate for the type of your skin just like everything else concerning beauty, elegance and fashion. In another word, what suits others may not necessarily suit you! We will also offer you a variety of the finest and best perfumes that suit all types of skin; opt for what appeals to your taste to enjoy a sweet smell expressive of your personality and upscale taste.

  1. The Right Perfume for the Oily Skin

    Ladies with oily skin must be very careful when choosing the right perfume. Such skin type tends to make the smell of the perfume more strong and intense, and to last for a longer time. But the smell may become annoying if you opt for a heavy perfume. So our tip for you is to choose perfumes with the smell of nature and fruits in general; citrus, soft spring flowers and musk smell in particular. Some of the perfumes most suitable for oily skin include: Dior Addict Eau Delice for women which opens with berries, bergamot, orange, and cherries leading to the heart with the smell of ylang- ylang, Egyptian and Indian jasmine, roses, bitter almond and ends at the base with the smell of white musk, rice and vanilla.


    Verse eau de perfume for women with the blend smells of citrus and roses from Rose Mary Paris. It opens with the smell of refreshing bergamot, mandarin, green orange, aniseed, violet

    leaves and ends at its base with the patchouli, musk and amber smells.

  2. The Right Perfume for the Mixed Skin Type

    No doubt that a woman with this type of skin is very lucky because so many perfumes are suitable for it. This skin is perfect, very characteristic with its balance of oil secretion and tight pores that prevent the release of excessive sweat or oil. So you can enjoy any perfume you like. But our tip for you is to opt for oriental fragrances as it will be amazingly consistence with the fall season.

    We selected for you: Oud Oriental from Versace to enjoy a smell that reminds you of the beauty and amazement of the sunset in the desert. We will find in this perfume the blends of very concentrated and intensive fragrances of bitter orange with some refreshing and glamorous smells and an added touch of black pepper with the spices of cardamom, saffron, heliotrope Indonesian patchouli, violet powder, the aroma of oud and leather, sandalwood and vanilla.


    Carolina Herrera CH Africa Eau De Toilette for women comes with the scent of fresh flowers and oriental spirit. The perfume was launched in 2015; it opens with the blend smell of orange, violet flowers leading to its heart with the smell of cinnamon, lilies, sage tea and ends with its base with the smell of incense and vanilla. The smell lasts long and is suitable for all times of the day.

  3. The Perfume Suitable for Dry Skin

    Dry skin loses the smell of the perfume quickly, so you must choose one that lasts long.

    We recommend that you choose perfumes with wood base, the scents of oud and amber in particular because such strong fragrances will leave its impact gradually on your skin, thus lending you an aroma filled with majestic.

    We selected for you: Paco Rabanne Black XS Potion for women, limited edition. An alluring perfume, comes in 80ml bottle with Eau De Toilette concentration, and consists of the smell of fruits, flowers and wood.


    Versace Yellow Diamond Intense for women, eau de perfume 90 ml. It opens with a mix smell of the refreshing Mediterranean Sea, bergamot, orange blossom, diamond cedrat and pears sorbet. Its heart consists of the smell of feminine flowers of oranges, freesia, jasmine and osmanthus, while its base consists of the smell of amber wood, musk, guaiac and wood

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