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Classy Fashions in Candy Color for a Feminine Look from Dina Melwan

Clothes & Shoes

Shaima Ibrahim - sayidaty.net / 23-10-2017

Away from the showy and dramatic looks, you will need delicate and quiet ones. So we will offer you following a collection of fashions in the cheerful, quiet and amazing Cotton Candy Colors designed by the distinguished designers Dina Melwani to help you renovate your looks and add an exquisite feminine touch to it. These wonderful colors are not restricted anymore to daytime looks, or even summer time ones, but became also some of the favorite colors designers adopted for winter fashions and for the clothing trends that are suitable for the evening looks. So, stay tuned in and lend your looks the classy sophisticated femininity you deserve.

  1. First Look:

    We selected for you from the beautiful cotton candy colors this sky blue one to be your delicate soft color for your formal looks, consisting of jacket and pants in sky blue color with a delicate blouse in white color.

    1. Jacket for women in sky blue color, long sleeves, embellished with crystal buttons, made of jacquard fabric. Price SAR 2.295. 

    2. Blouse in straps design and white color. Price SAR 1,275 

    3. Pants for women in sky blue color. Price SAR 1,377 

  2. Second Look:

    Light violet color is one of the most feminine and favorite colors by women. This is why designer Dina Melwani excelled in designing this dress in this fabulous color to make it your ultimate choice so that you enjoy unparalleled classy look. 

    Short dress, multicolored, in Italian design, made of Italian fabric. Price SAR 2,806.

  3. Third Look:

    The quiet rosy color is absolutely the star of this delicate look consisting of a soft blouse in rosy color and pants in white color with medium length and delicate cut. This look will lend you the upscale, harmonious presence worthy of you.  

    1. Blouse in short sleeves, hand embroidered in rosy and white colors, embellished with a back belt, made of weaved ponte fabric. Price SAR 1,683.   

    2. Pants for women in medium length and white color, embellished downward with buttons and made of cotton fabric. Price SAR 1,224.




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