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Best Patterned Backpacks and Sneakers for a Modern University Look

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Shaima Ibrahim - sayidaty.net / 09-10-2017

Backpacks are some of the most amazing youthful choices, especially for university girls. They actually commensurate with the casual, practical look you prefer for the mornings, and at the same time they are your best choice to include all your university items.  

This is why backpacks are popular this season, and our tip for you in this regard is to style with them your favorite sneakers or sports shoes to give you that special modern blend with a youthful, comfy and most amazing look.  

Following we will offer you here on Sayidaty Mall, splendid duos of the latest designs to catch all eyes with your looks, keep scrolling!

Patterned Backpacks with Modern Sneakers Shoes 

Patterned backpacks have a unique modern style brimming with youth and liveliness. They usually suit your practical plain outfits, so we selected for you a collection of bags in this trendy fashion, our tip for you is to style with them elegant, attractive plain sneakers shoes.  

1- Style a patterned backpack in light, quiet hues including rosy, mauve and sky blue colors with sneakers shoes in light blue to enjoy a modern and delicate look. 

We offer you: backpack for both sexes, in rosy color, suitable for the workplace and the university from Eastpak  

And: Tennis sneakers shoes for women in light blue color from Cole Haan.

2- And, be exceptional in a cheerful, stark and playful look. So we selected for you this amazing duo in stark red hues and striking childish design: 

Backpack in bag design and red color from LeSportsac 

And: Tennis sneakers shoes in red color from Cole Haan.  

3- As for lovers of the white with the black color, we offer you this upscale sophisticated look, consisting of a backpack in white and black colors, with sports shoes in the same two colors for a modern harmonious look.  

Backpack for women in white color dotted with black from Kipling. 

And: Sneakers shoes for women in black and white colors from Cole Haan.  

4- But if you prefer duos in dark hues, you will find what you are searching for in this amazing duo in the majestic dark blue color which can by styled with several looks. 

Backpack in black and blue colors embellished with forest prints from Eastpak.


And: Sneaker shoes for women made of leather in net design and in  dark blue color.  

To get some exquisite duos similar to those mentioned above, you will find further details with the following photos; to make a purchase please dial 8004330033.  

Please note that delivery free of charge is available in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed.  




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