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Stylish Abayas Suitable for University Girls


Shaima Ibrahim - sayidaty.net / 08-10-2017

 Every college girl wants to get a modern delicate look that highlights her femininity and elegance, her keenness on taking care of her appearance, and on keeping pace with the latest international fashion lines yet compatible with the traditions and customs of her society.   

And because Gulf abayas are not restricted anymore to the black color, we noticed that college girls have great interest in opting for colorful abayas. But they find difficulty in concerting harmonious colors that bring out their upscale tastes and personalities.  

So we provided for you dear college girl here on Sayidaty Mall an exquisite collection of the latest, trending and colorful abaya designs to help you choose what best appeals to your heart. 


  1. Elegant Dark Colors

    Many girls prefer abayas in dark colors because they project special dignified reverence and add a chic touch to their looks, so we selected for you abayas in dark patterned styles to choose what best suits you:  

    1- Rosie abaya from Roddiva Couture, very characteristic with its multicolor, dark and elegant style, and open comfy design. Can be styled with jeans in dark color to get a modern harmonious look  

    2- For a pretty modern look, we selected for you also: a floor- length formal abaya for women in front open design, with long sleeves in tight design, made of cotton, polo and stretch fabrics combined, in black color embellished with grey from Rana Ismail.  


  2. Quiet Light Colors


    On the other hand however, abayas in colorful light hues are considered some of the amazing choices for morning and daytime looks and girls prefer them specifically. Following we will introduce to you several striking designs in quiet, light and cheerful colors that should reflect the extent of your modernity and elegance:  

    1- Because we care so much for your elegance during fall season, we selected for you: abaya in front open design, with long sleeves in wide design upward but tight downward, in beige color, the collar is embellished with hand- made colorful embroidery, made of soft linen fabric from Nabila Nazer.

    2- For those ladies who prefer soft attractive patterns and quiet multicolor hues, you can opt for this fabulous abaya: abaya for women made of linen fabric in light plain beige color on the front, and beige with turquoise on the back, with colorful delicate embroidery and long sleeves from Glory D'Arabia.  

  3. These abayas, and much more, are available on Sayidaty Mall, to make a purchase please dial 8004330033. 

    Please note that delivery free of charge is available only in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed.