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For You Dear College Girl… How to Style the Skirt for Your Daily Looks?

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 05-10-2017

Skirts were always characterized with their feminine lovely styles and touches. This is why every girl loves to wear skirts as they lend her looks more self- confidence for appearing a delicate alluring female. Unlike the prevailing understanding that a skirt is dedicated only for formal occasions that do not need much movement, realities confirm that a skirt is indeed a chic, yet practical piece which can be adopted for all your daily looks, especially for your university day.

Following we will offer you a collection of trendy skirts for this season that will definitely suit your different daily university looks… Keep Scrolling!

  1. First: A Morning Look, Simple and Practical

    Every woman tends to wear in the morning comfy outfits in light cheerful colors. So our tip for you is to opt for a skirt made of cotton fabric which is considered some of the lovely comfortable textiles especially for practical outings.

    We offer you: floor- length skirt in short- sides design and blue color.

    We styled with it:

    Blouse for women in white color embellished with fringes on the trims.

  2. Second: Practical Sporty Look for Everyday

    This look is based on styling plain skirt in dark blue color with an impressive yellow color and design to add glamor and modernity to your looks. It is very much suitable for girls in their afternoon looks for university or any other getaway or outing.

    We selected for you: floor length skirt in dark blue color and with broad folds design on the side.

    We styled with it:

    A blouse for women in yellow color and with one- side- long design

  3. Third: A Look in the Monochrome Elegance

    This look can be adopted for most days at the university because of its elements of upscale, sophistication and elegance. You can style with it accessories in red color.

    We selected for you:

    Floor- length skirt in black color, embroidered in the center with colorful threads.

    We styled with it:

    A blouse for women in white color and with long sides design, embellished with patterns in black colors.

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