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Get to Know the Attractive Obagi Nu- Derm System for Anti- Aging

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 04-10-2017

Undisputable Fact: every woman wants to look younger, more youthful and radiant. So Obagi recently launched the Obagi Nu-Derm®  system, a specially formulated product to fight aging signs on your skin on the cells' levels so that you can enjoy a healthy flawless skin. 

Today on Sayidaty Mall, we will familiarize you with this very effective system to fight wrinkles from Obagi so that you can enjoy a fresh young skin.

  1. First: Gentle Cleanser

    You should know first that Obagi Nu-Derm is indeed a very effective treatment to fight aging signs. It targets specifically the area underneath the surface of the skin to transform its functions on the cells' level, and to restore and renovate the internal damage thus making the skin healthy and young.

    We offer you one product of this system: gentle cleanser that contains Aloe Vera extracts to clean your skin in- depth without causing its dryness and removes all traces of makeup and impurities.

  2. Second: Obagi Toner Nu Derm

    Obagi Nu-Derm products is based on a system that includes specified dose and pace to get the best results, and make the skin very tight as well as fight aging signs. One of these products is Obagi Toner which is designed to tighten the skin and pores, and maintains its natural pH and helps it to absorb the skincare products applied afterwards.

  3. Third: Skin Tone Unifying and Pigment Treatment

    To treat hyper pigment "skin tone changes" and improve and balance its color apply a cream to unify its tone and treat the excessive pigments. It will diminish the spots and dark traces and gives it a clear appearance in record time, with its ingredients of Hydroquinone and lactic acid.

  4. Fourth: Facial Moisturizer

    Skin aging is a natural process resulting from exposer to sunrays on a daily basis causing the skin to dry and it's early sagging because of the slowing renovation process of the cells.

    To get a new clear skin you must nourish and hydrate the cells in- depth, so we offer you: Obagi Hydrate Cream which contains the innovative Hydromanil to help retain moisture and provide intense, long-lasting hydration to the skin.

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