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3 Designs from Lilis that will Turn You into an Attractive Gypsy

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 04-10-2017

International fashions and trends are numerous, but some are more distinctive than the others because they tend to renovate and regenerate  themselves every season. However, one trend that repeatedly allured fashion houses to come back every season is the gypsy fashion which is mostly characterized with its liveliness and the splendor of its colors, in addition to its prints, patterns and graphics that vibe with art and life, and its unique cuts featuring the off- shoulders style, and the ruffles and fringes designs of the floor- length wide or puffy skirts.

Following we will offer you 3 gypsy eye- catching designs from Lilis, available here on Sayidaty Mall so that you are the first one to enjoy the unique, gypsy look similar to that of the stars of the Mexican drama. 

  1. First Look:

    It is not a secret how much fun and the free- spirit that this look adds to your appearance. It consists of two pieces: a top in white color embroidered with blue threads, and a wide patterned skirt in varying lengths and unique Spanish design

    A skirt in front short back long style and beige color printed with floral in blue color.

    Top for women in wide design, white color, embroidered with threads in blue color.

  2. Second Look:

    No gypsy look is free of the daring, bold element. So we decided to offer you this following bold look in black color that will definitely give you much allure and attractiveness. The look consists of:

    Midi Skirt in black color and net design


    Top for women in ruffles design and black color.   

  3. Third Look:

    There is nothing more beautiful than to get this gypsy look in a dress. So we offer you this dress in amazing design, off- shoulders style and quiet color to make this easily satisfying look.

    Floor- length dress in off- shoulders design, blue color and floral prints.

  4. For further details about the pieces on display whish got your attention and want to buy from Sayidaty Mall, click on the photos. For further inquiries and to make a purchase, dial 8004330033.

    Please note that delivery free of charge is available in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed. 

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