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So Whats Your Cup? Discover the Mug Suitable for You According to Your Personality!


Aya Ahmed - sayidaty.net / 02-10-2017

Did you ever fight with your sister when you were young about your favorite mug? Did that habit remained with you over the years up to your workplace where you always make sure nobody else uses your favorite mug? No worries dear! You are not alone.

Your favorite mug is exactly like your clothes: it is personal and a reflection of your inner soul and your whole self.

So, we selected for you a fantastic collection of mugs from Sayidaty Mall online store to help you choose what best expresses yourself.

  1. Are you energetic? Amusing? Have wild imagination?

    If you have wild imagination opt for a mug printed with graphics that inspire you and make your imagination funny and amusing.

    You enjoy sense of humor and love to spread joy and happiness wherever you go, and tend to mix imagination with inspiration and this cup is exactly what it does!

    Two big mugs with cats prints

    Price: Before  SAR 81.63

    After  SAR 40.82

    Product No: #1600008922

    Two big mugs in London design

    Price: Before  SAR 81.63

    After  SAR 40.82

    Product No: #1600008923

    Porcelain mug with blue prints

    Price: SAR 144.90

    Product No: # 9752

  2. Are you frank and open? Do you have big ambitions?

    If you are open and candid, and like to be independent then opt for transperant mug that reflects your see- through personality to always remind you of your identity and your drive to live your life without boredom, always energetic and renewed like water and light- spirited like air.

    Small tea cup with stars' prints H M East, a set of 6 pieces.

    Price: Before  SAR 290.00

    After  SAR 200.00

    Product No: #1201600207

  3. Are you classic? Do you love sophisticated traditional objects?

    This mug with extra pieces will definitely reflect your personality! It is worthy of ladies who enjoy classic taste. And because you are a person that cares much for the details and loyal to everything and everybody around you without changing whatever the sparkle of new things were, probably this is exactly the mug your are searching for!

    Big green mug

    Price: Before  SAR 61.22

    After   SAR 30.61

    Product No: #1600000518


    Chic cup in vanilla color

    Price: Before  SAR 61.22

    After   SAR 30.61

    Product No: #1600000495

  4. Make sure to buy what you love and what expresses your own personality, not that what is popular and the others like, not you!