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Shampoo Guide for Every Type of Hair

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Aya Ahmed - sayidaty.net / 02-10-2017

You stand in front of shelves and shelves of shampoos at shops and drugstores, confused about this brand or that, this price or the other, and you grow more confused if you are already suffering from multiple hair problems! And there, just there you make the big mistake most women do.

So before you decide which shampoo you like most, define the hair problems you want to treat, for example if you suffer dry colored hair you must first start with treating the dryness then follow a weekly routine to take care of your colored hair, or vice versa.

Every problem has a treatment, but to make things easier for you, we selected the best products from the finest international brands available here on Sayidaty Mall online store where you can make your purchases with a click of a button on this link

  1. Colored Hair

    Colored hair needs extra doubled care compared with regular normal hair, because of the harmful coloring pigments and heat. Our tip for is you to opt for a shampoo dedicated for colored hair because it contains protecting elements and maintains the color for a longer period, such as CHI Ionic Color Protector Shampoo. This shampoo is used as the first stage for hair, its special features makes it the best choice as it gently washes the hair from its roots without affecting the color, thus making it last long, in addition to its free- sulfate technology. It really strengthens the hair and makes it gain coherence. 

    How to Use: apply abundantly on your hair to get rich foam, rinse with water and repeat if needed. 

    CHI Ionic Color Protector Shampoo, 355 ml.

    Price: SAR 93.99

    Product No: # CHI0812

    And to get the best results, use balsam of the same brand every time you wash your hair, in addition to the hydrating mask twice a week.

    This balsam envelops the hair to protect it against environment factors and heat and stress because it contains a formula to prevent color from fading.  

    Balsam CHI Ionic Color Protect, 946 ml

    Price: SAR 211.48

    Product No: # CHI 0932

    This mask also protects hair against sunrays, so it is very convenient for our Arabic weathers, it also increases hair volume and shine.

    Chi Nourish Intense silk masque, 473 ml

    Price: SAR 146.10

    Product No: # CHI1906

  2. Dry Hair:

    If you suffer dry hair you will find in Kardashian Beauty collection the solution to your problems, Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil works on hydrating hair, and diminishes excessive oils and impurities thus leaving the hair smooth and silky

    Shampoo for dry hair with black seed oil from Kardashian Beauty

    Price: SAR 87.86

    Product No: #KDS5

    This balsam improves hair follicle, moisturizes and nourishes it. 

    Kardashian Beauty , balsam for dry hair with black seed oil

    Price: SAR 87.86

    Product No: #KDC 5

    The mask is necessary for maintaining the healthy appearance of the hair as it contains antioxidants.

    Hydrating Mask with Black Seed Oil from Kardashian Beauty

    Price: SAR 92.97

    Product No: # KBDMM6

  3. Curly Hair

    If you have curly hair now you can easily take care of it using CHI Enviro Shampoo with its composition of pearls and silk to offer maximum hydration and smoothness for your curly, unmanageable hair as silk proteins penetrate the hair and makes it silky and shining.

    CHI Enviro Shampoo for Curly Hair, 946 ml

    Price: SAR 240.09

    Product No: # CHI6240

    The balsam prevents tangling of hair, making it easy to style with volume and shine.

    CHI Enviro Balsam for Curly Hair, 946 ml.

    Price: 241.11

    Product No: # CHI 6241

  4. For Light Hair

    Who doesn't dream of having more hair volume?

    Rahua brand offers this shampoo that works on increasing hair volume intensively. It contains 100 percent natural ingredients from the Amazon forests, safe to use on colored hair, its natural composition actively works without causing hair dryness, while its lemon citric extract breaks down fats, and lavender and myrtle add smoothness and sweet smell to your hair, thus making you more confident.  

    Rahua shampoo for healthy lustrous hair

    Price: SAR 265.63

    Product No: #718122574254

    The Balsam activates the hair follicles thus making it further healthy and lustrous. 

    Balsam for activating hair follicles from Rahua , 275 ml.

    Price: SAR 280.96

    Product No: # 718122574353


    Natural hair spray 100 percent gives hair the required volume and fix its style gently and lightly, rich with citric oil to give hair liveliness and maintains the hairstyle for a long time, contains essential aromatic blend of lavender and myrtle to give hair a sweet refreshing smell from Rahua.

    Hair Spray from Rahua to give hair the required volume and style

    Price: SAR 245.20

    Product No: # 718122574957

  5. And now, don't you hesitate! It only takes a click of a button once you define the problem your hear suffering from and what you want to treat first.