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Exquisite Designs of Luxury Trays to Decorate Your Table


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-09-2017

Trays are some of the most important indispensible pieces for a housewife, and their designs vary according to their purpose of use. For instance, there are trays for serving food and beverage for guests as a gesture of hospitality, while others are designed for decoration. Their shapes and the materials used for their manufacture also vary.

In this following article, we will offer you a collection of distinctively designed trays to decorate your table and impress your guests, and help you serve your guests in a more astounding and unique mannerFor lovers of the classic remarkable style, we recommend you opt for this oval tray in blue color and classic design from Seletti, to remind you of the era of the European Middle Ages. This tray is indeed a unique décor piece that will adorn your table and add the special air of historic times. 

For lovers of home accessories in silver, we offer you this Panton polished tray in sliver color from Georg Jensen. The Panton Crash tray is considered a beautiful polished centerpiece that will add a dramatic dimension to the décor of your home with its sparkling silver color and the eccentric design that resembles a randomly crumpled paper, impressive and attractive.

And to serve your guests in an elegant remarkable manner that will surely impress them, we offer this 2 tier serving tray from Aulica in silver color. It is ideal to serve nuts and crackers in practical yet elegant manner.

But if you need a very special tray to serve tea and coffee to your guests, we offer you this elegant tray from Riviere in black color with bamboo handles covered with leather, and hand- polished surface that adds a touch of purity and shine to this magnificent tray.

Finally, we offer you this amazing choice which you can use for decorating and serving, a functional tray from the Cobra collection by Georg Jensen, in magnificent modern design that will for sure impress your guests in every occasion, and because of its exquisite design you can use it for decoration also.

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