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4 Vases in Eccentric Eye- Catching Designs from Georg Jensen


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-09-2017

Because we know how much you care for the décor of your house and garden, we will offer you following from our store several esthetic modern ideas for both your house and garden to enjoy an attractive distinctive scene.

Flowers for example are some of the most important things you need to decorate your house because they reflect an amazing spirit and sensation on the house. Therefor make sure to place some flowers in every corner of the house, and for this purpose you will need smart vases to match the décor and furniture of your house.

In the following lines we will offer you a collection of eccentric uniquely designed vases that will add much to your modern house from Georg Jensen, the international brand renowned for the good craftsmanship of its products and the unique quality of its European designs:

  1. First Design: Flora Vase

    The Flora vase from Georg Jensen made of the amazing stainless steel with a tall figure that catches the eyes, perfect for a bouquet of flowers. 

  2. Second Design: The Indulgence Cocktail Vase

    A cocktail vase from Georg Jensen, its design inspired from the cool Champaign cocktail and was first introduced in 2008 and since then became the most favorite for many fans. You can place flowers in it, and its simple design makes it an elegant addition for your modern house.

  3. Third Design: Urkiola Vase

    Simplicity is the elegance to describe the new Urkiola collection designed by Patricia Urquiola. The clean and polished mirror surface unites with the stainless steel to create a unique evolution of the sharp elegant lines.  

  4. Fourth Design: Alfredo Stainless Steel Vase

    The vase is very distinctive with the amazing Georg Jensen design that adds a creative sense to your house. It features the reflective shape as a mirror from the polished stainless steel, ideal for beautiful colorful flowers as it projects the colors exquisitely.

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