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Pants in High Waist Design for a Feminine, Supple and Allure Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 19-09-2017

One of the most attractive and chic options to lend you a look that makes you appear much taller and supple is wearing high waist pants. The design recently received much popularity by Hollywood stars including Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities in Lebanon including Myriam Fares and Haifa Wehbe.

Here on Sayidaty Mall we will offer you a number of such pants' designs with 3 reasons that will definitely seduce you to try them and style them with your looks this fall season.

We will also recommend that you opt for some exquisite matching looks to enjoy a further supple and attractive appearance.

3 Reasons to Choose High- Waist Pants to Enjoy a More Alluring Feminine Look

The first reason that drives you to try this design is that high waist pants constitute one of the most prominent tricks fashion experts suggest using to enjoy a taller figure for a woman who has short legs, especially if the look is backed with high heels shoes, such as the following:

Casual pants for women made of jeans in high- waist design and dark blue color.

We recommend you style it with Fawn shoes for women in high heels made of denim to enjoy feminine graceful steps.

The second reason is that these pants are the best choice with short sweaters that are similar in their lengths to short tops and short fall jackets. In this case high waist pants lend you an elegant look with your sweaters and short tops such as the following look:

Casual pants for women in high waist design and black color made of plain fabric.


We recommend you style it with short top for women in ruffles design and fuchsia color for a cheerful and attractive fall look

The third and final reason that will seduce you to try this style is that high waist pants can excellently hide the abdominal area and its full details, especially if styled with matching short sweater or jacket, such as the following formal, classic and elegant look in black color.

Casual pants for women in high- waist design and black color, made of plan fabric embellished with metal pieces shaped as stars



Short formal jacket for women in black color embellished with a golden chain on the front.

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