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Abayas in Three Impressive Colors for Ladies in White- Skin Tone from Black Swan Couture


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 17-09-2017

The fact is that your skin tone plays a major role in choosing the color of your whole looks, especially when it comes to showing up in one piece look; either it was in abaya, jalabiya or in kaftan. The association between the color of your skin and your looks must be harmonious and consistent enough so that you appear in splendid and beautiful look.

In this following article we will offer you a modern selection of distinctive abayas and jalabiyas from the leading brand, Black Swan Couture. We will provide for you three rich, amazing and splendid colors suitable for ladies in white skin tone, and are guaranteed to lend them an impressive look that will boost their beauty and charm, and give them matchless alluring presence.

  1. First Color: Russet

    This is indeed one of the attractive colors that enjoy overwhelming, dominating presence, and with these following exquisite designs and unique cuts, you have a date with an irresistible Arabic look.

    First design: abaya in russet color made of silk fabric embellished with colorful floral patterns for a luxurious feminine look. 

    Second design: jalabiya made of chiffon fabric in russet color and wide design embellished with delicate patterns on the chest to lend you an upscale modest look.

  2. Second Color: Black

    Black is very suitable for ladies in white skin as it represents the elegant contrast between the white skin tone and the black outfit, thus giving their looks a glamorous alluring presence. In black color we offer you the following:

    Frist design:

    Annabel abaya made of crepe fabric in black color and simple attractive design that allows you to freely choose the jewelries and accessories you like.  


    Second design: abaya made of crepe in black color embellished with crystals for a striking look and classy presence.

  3. Third Color: Blue

    This color enjoys its own seduction and allure; it gives the woman a feeling of luxury and ultra- chic especially with these fabulous fabrics and designs:

    First design: dress made of silk fabric in dark blue color and embellished with organza fabric for a luxurious look.


    Second design: abaya made of silk crepe fabric in blue color and delicate, classy design for a majestic look. 

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