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Velvet Furniture Registers its Mark on Fall Décor 2017


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 14-09-2017

With every coming season we notice that new international trends emerge in the world of home décor and accessories. However, this fall season 2017/2018 we spotted some designs that holds within an air of majestic and sophistication with the emergence of home furniture made of velvet fabrics and textiles.

Our tip for you on Sayidaty Mall is to opt for them because velvet fabric gives the house upscale identity and enchanting classic atmospheres.

So we will offer you today some pieces of home furniture made of the classy velvet fabric that adds a new, amazing, and fabulous touch to your house, all designed by one of the most important décor designers around the world. We selected for you: this sofa made of velvet in dark red color, the shell is made of veneer and steel, legs made of wood from Normann Copenhagen


You will find on our site an aesthetic rule for velvet furniture that adds to your guest room warm atmospheres that amazingly go in line with both the classic and modern styles, by just placing a chair made of velvet for a majestic upscale touch. We offer you: this chair in dark blue color made of velvet, backed with steel, legs made of wood from Normann Copenhagen

As you may know, fabrics and textiles play a major role in home décor, on top of those the velvet of course which is considered the most popular in upscale houses because it adds perfect harmony and visual and color consistency that gives the house its special identity.

For a very classy style we offer you: a chair made of velvet in beige color, backed with steel from Normann Copenhagen

Meanwhile, the blue color with its different shades received much popularity this season, either for home furniture or in home accessories. Now you can decorate the living room, for instance, with a sofa made of velvet and a chair both in the amazing blue shades.

For an exquisite harmony in the living room we offer you: a sofa made of velvet in dark blue color, the shell made of veneer and steel, legs of wood from Normann Copenhagen

Style with it a chair made of velvet in blue color from Normann Copenhagen.

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