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For Fall Season: Perfumes in Delicate Scents for Gulf Women

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 31-08-2017

Perfumes in general express the personality of a woman, her taste and the extent of her sensitivity. The moment you choose your perfume you are actually expressing all these elements, as well as your wish to stand out from other women.

So, to get the admiration of everyone and their approval to your good choice we recommend that this fall season 2017 you opt for fragrances characterized with their delicate scents that appeal very much to Gulf ladies and express their oriental identity. We have provided such characteristic fragrances for you here on Sayidaty Mall so that you can enjoy an overwhelming femininity and their sweet smell.

  1. Chief Brown Perfume

    This perfume for women is characterized with its majestic smell, and very much suitable for the delicate soft lady. It consists of a mix of saffron, lemon flower, the extract of the finest dehn al-oud and the blend of sandal wood, musk and cider tree so that you enjoy unlimited confidence.


    A most refreshing perfume for women, characterized with its perfect balance of the aromatic composition that combines the oils of night queen flower, anise, and lily of the valley mixed with the blueberry fruits. It suits all occasions and is guaranteed to give you much confidence for yourself and your perfume.   


    A perfume for women comes with the softest classic smell; it will make your presence very distinguished with its majestic, luxurious and original composition that expresses the ancient Arabic tradition in its most amazing and fascinating smell.

  4. Pure White Bright Couture from PIERRA KATRA

    Very refreshing perfume for women distinguished with its sweet smell and rich composition of fruit- gourmand, peon flower scent, roses, raspberry, cashmere wood, musk, vanilla, noga and sugar.

  5. Julia Collection Lotus & Vanilla from Julia Robenson

    A perfume for women that comes with a hurricane of harmonious scents for fall season, characterized with its rich composition of lemon, rose water, vanilla cider wood and musk. 

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