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Opt for the Most Majestic Wristwatches for Women to Shine on Eid al- Adha


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 31-08-2017

For women, wristwatches are some of the closest accessories to their hearts from all the many other accessories they wear. A wristwatch is indeed an elegant landmark on her wrist through all her looks, and attracts all eyes to her look whenever she moves her wrists.

This is why the different international trademarks and brands excel in each season in designing and introducing to us innovative pieces of wristwatches, using majestic and precious materials including gold, diamonds, gemstones and colorful innovative bracelets.

And because Eid is the day for you to glow and shine we will offer you following the most impressive, majestic and distinctive wristwatches for women during this season.

  1. Wristwatches for women in the majestic sparking golden color:

    The golden color is one of the most impressive colors on the wrists of women, we offer you the following options to shine during Eid days in total confidence and elegance.

    Wristwatch for women in golden bracelet design and diamond dial in white color from GEOVANI SWISS


    Wristwatch for women, gold plated with metal bracelet and strass mina from Michael Kors.

  2. Wristwatches for women in the luxury and beauty of silver color

    Silver color has its own special classy presence to add to your look. The serenity of the color, and the excellent design of the watch will adorn your look this Eid and add much to it. We recommend you opt for:

    Wristwatch for women in metal bracelet in silver color and silver case from Christian Lacriox


    Wristwatch for women in silver color and metal bracelet from Armani Exchange

  3. Wristwatches for women in the modernity and elegance of leather

    Leather wristwatches enjoy special indispensible characteristic and elegant touch on any look… What do you think of our next choices?

    GEOVANI SWISS wristwatch in white case and diamond mina made of black leather

    Wristwatch for women made of white leather and silver mina

  4. Modern, colorful, elegant and attractive wristwatches

    Some of your looks will need colorful wristwatches to lend you further harmony and beauty, we offer you:

    Wristwatch for both sexes in red burgundy color from Henry London

    Wristwatch for women made of dark blue color and water resistant from Christian Lacroix

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