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Decent Evening Dress for a Demure Look on Eid al- Adha

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 30-08-2017

On Eid al- Adha, you have a date with some special evenings, so you will be needing distinctive looks wearing exquisite evening dresses. Well! What do you think of a classic, majestic look wearing one of these elegant, eye- catching decent evening dresses?

 Evening dresses however have their own diversified world of elegant and majestic options, and we are indeed know that you are searching for a demure and decent look for your special occasions. So we decided to offer you this splendid collection of dresses, and all you have to do is to choose what best fits your body and the occasion you are attending, and at the same time appeals to your taste.

But while some women prefer to dress up and shine in black at night to lend their looks exquisite elegance, others highlight their beauty in sophisticated dresses with angelic quiet colors such as pastels, beige, light grey or silver. Meanwhile, other women prefer those colors that turn them into stars as if they are attending movie festival or else, like the red, fuchsia and lilac colors. So, whatever color or design you prefer, just stay tuned in to opt for what suits your taste:

1- Decent evening dresses for women who love eye- catching, upscale designs without overstated details from St. John. We offer you this elegant, luxurious look in dark blue color:


This amazing upscale look in sky blue color

2- Decent evening dresses for ladies who befitting them the black color and love royal looks in this majestic color. We offer you these two dresses designed specifically to satisfy your taste especially when styled with accessories and jewelries in matching suitable colors.

Midi evening dress made of lace fabric in black color and front slit from Zahra Ahmed.


Floor- length evening dress in black and golden colors made of silk and polyester fabric and embroidered with threads.

3- Decent evening dresses suitable for you. If you want a dress in simple, yet in eye- catching, understated design we offer you the following options:

Floor- length evening dress in impressive chic design, made of cotton organza with inner lining of satin fabric, in beige color which makes it the optimal choice for formal occasions, comes with a belt on the waist for further femininity and with long sleeves from Black Swan Couture


Floor- length evening dress made of delicate tulle fabric in long sleeves, embellished and embroidered with pearl beads in turquoise color from Eman AlSuhim

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