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Three Reasons that will Seduce You to Wear Jumpsuit on Eid al- Adha

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 30-08-2017

Yes we know that you are always searching for the newest, most modish and different fashions to adorn your look on Eid al- Adha, this is why we are offering you today the jumpsuit, a trendy, modern and suitable option this summer, and which you can style with any other fashions you want to enjoy different looks.

Jumpsuits are actually some of the most modern, practical and easy-to- wear fashions nowadays. A jumpsuit is also one of the favorite pieces for styling because of its simple design, and saves you the effort to wear other pieces as it comes in one whole complete piece.

Following we will give you three reasons that will seduce you to wear jumpsuit on Eid al- Adha, along with a selection of them in variable prices and designs so that you choose from among them what best appeals to your taste:

  1. The First Reason:

    wearing a jumpsuit will lend you a unique evening look in minimum steps, on condition that you do not neglect to style with it some striking accessories to enhance and boost your elegance like celebrities. It is also a perfect choice for Eid evenings, so we recommend you opt for the following:  

    Floor- length formal jumpsuit printed with stars in black and golden colors.


    Floor- length jumpsuit for women in off- shoulder design, in black color and designed with upward slit on one leg from Femi9

  2. The Second Reason:

    jumpsuit is a luxurious choice even for ladies in Hijab. So, if you are wearing hijab, try to wear a jumpsuit styled with a short blazer made of fabric to enjoy a striking look just like this following impressive one in its sophisticated, yet quiet colors

    Floor- length formal jumpsuit for women in white color.

    Styled with:

    This short, formal jacket for women in blue color embellished with metal coins shaped as stars.. 

  3. The Third Reason:

    a jumpsuit will lend you a summer renovated look suitable for your daytimes. So if you are searching for a new look for the jumpsuit, opt for a revolutionary design with an odd cut, such as a jumpsuit designed with open skirt, or a patterned one. In fact, there are several modern designs for the jumpsuit of which we will offer you following:

     Floor- length jumpsuit for women in wrap design on top, in blue color and embroidered with golden beads from Femi9.

    Short jumpsuit for women in white color, printed with patterns on the chest in black color and in buttons design on the bottom. 

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