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Renovate Your Home for Eid Days by Owning Tables in Modern Simple Designs


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 28-08-2017

Tables are some of the most important pieces in every house, and they come in different shapes and sizes and are multipurpose. But nowadays, the trending fashion for home décor includes modern simple designs of tables,  free of motifs and decorations, thus earing its splendor from the basic fact of the beauty of their simplicity, as well as the good way for styling them, and choosing the right spot to place them.

And whether these tables are chosen for functional purposes or only for décor, they still are some of the most important elements that add renovation and beauty to the details of your house.

So, through our new section on Sayidaty Mall which specializes in home furniture and décor, we will introduce to you a diversified collection of these tables.

Types of Table Designs for Your House

*Centerpiece tables are considered the pivot point to hold accessories and the first element that catches the eyes once you enter a room.

We offer you: large table with marble surface can be used indoors and outdoors from Norman Copenhagen

*Side tables: there are two types of side tables, the first allocated for decorations and lights which can be placed next to sofas or chairs, or in the corner of the room. The second for presenting hospitality gestures such as food and drinks. Some types of tables can be folded, closed and opened when needed. Side tables can be used for decorations and for presenting food and drinks at the same time.

We offer you: small table with marble surface can be used in and out doors from Norman Copenhagen.


For presenting food and drinks from Norman Copenhagen we offer you this table with wheels in light grey color.

Corner tables are allocated for decorations in the first place, but sometimes they are placed at the entrance or in the living room,. In most situations they are placed individually  to hold accessories, picture frames or other decoration pieces.

We offer you: a large black table made of aluminum from Norman Copenhagen.



Side table for décor shaped as mushroom in black and golden colors.