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Get to Know the Trendy "Laisser Faire" for Sweaters and Coats in Fall 2017

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 23-08-2017

Just as the trendy designs of sweaters change and evolve at the beginning of each season, so does the way to wear them.

Sometime ago we witnessed the emergence of wearing blazers and sweaters on the shoulders, almost like meshlah (Cloak) without actually putting the sleeves in. Nowadays a new trendy wear just emerged this fall season; that is wearing a piece of clothing indifferently as a piece of accessory: the trend is dubbed "Laisser Faire".

As we here on Sayidaty Mall constantly evolving with international trends and fashions and want you to keep pace with them, we will offer you following 3 bold and innovative ideas to wear your sweater or coat in the style of Laisser Faire. Keep scrolling!

  1. First Idea:

    wear your coat just like a skirt, meaning do not put the sleeves in and make it reach your waistline and tie its belt exactly around the waist then put your hands in the sleeves as if they were gloves but do not cover your whole hands. Apply this bold idea with this following coat: 

    Long coat in off- white color made of suede leather from Kristina Fidelskaya



    This jacket for women in red color in front zipper design for closure.

  2. Second Idea:

    wear your sweater like the off- shoulder style but make sure to opt for an appropriate piece underneath in terms of its color. Try on this idea with this following sweater to enjoy a unique look this fall:

    Sweater for women in one shoulder- embroidered design and black color with long sleeves from Anne Klein.


    This jacket for women made of natural leather in black color, embellished with small holes from Alta Moda

  3. Third Idea:

    wear the sweater on one shoulder only; you can wear jeans or short sporty sweaters on this style to enjoy a bold, beyond the familiar look. How about trying this idea with this following sweater?

    Short jacket for women, in open design and light weight, with medium- length sleeves and in blue color from Anne Klein



    Short jacket for women in black color printed with large floral from Femi9

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