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On Eid al-Adha, Get Artificial Nails, Cheerful and Striking from Grimering

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 22-08-2017

No doubt that colorful and even nails will help you get an attractive feminine look.

And because sometimes natural nails may not be of much help during important occasions, we will provide you here with artificial alternatives, yet in amazing quality and attractive cheerful colors from the renowned brand Grimering, available here on Sayidaty mall. We will also guide you to the best way to place such artificial, or fake, nails over the natural fingernails to get safe results and enjoy a beautiful alluring look on Eid al- Adha. 

How to Handle Grimering Nails

1- First clip your fingernails evenly, if you have dead cells make sure to remove them, then trim the edges properly, otherwise your whole procedure to professionally place over the fake nails will turn into fiasco.

2- Opt for the right size that fits your fingernails by trying them first before installing them.

3- These fake nails are self-adhesive, just place the fake nail over the fingernail and press for three or four seconds to get satisfying results.

And now, here you are with this selection of fake nails in cheerful colors and designs for Eid al- Adha.

Fake nails in pink colors

Fake nails in dark red color

Fake nails in silver color

Fake nails in floral prints

Fake nails in butterfly prints

For further specified accurate details on the price and size of any piece you like and want to buy from Sayidaty mall, all you have to do is click on the photo to know more details. To immediately acquire it please call 8004330033.

Please note that delivery free of charge is only available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed

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